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Hard 2 Handle's blog: "A Whole Lot of Nothing"

created on 11/14/2008  |  http://fubar.com/a-whole-lot-of-nothing/b259327  |  24 followers

Some of you may have noticed I am not around much the last few months. So I am writing this to explain it once, instead of over and over to those that are asking.

To be honest, I am a bit bored with fu. Don't get me wrong, I love fu. But I am not into it like I use to be. I have been here since it was LostCherry.com. When there were no VIPs - no Bling - no Happy Hours. You could only rate a profile once in a lifetime. We did contests for Big Pimping gifts! LOL Yes, things have changed. And for the most part, I have to say for the better.

I have made some great friends on here. Too many to mention. From people who I met my first week on here, to recently made friends. From admin to bouncers to your average fu. Amazing people! And I would like to thank you guys for making fu so much fun for me.

Some of you like me, some of you hate me. LOL That is just the way it goes. But VERY few of you actually know me. Thank you to the ones that have taken the time to look past what people say and spent the time to get to know me. You know who you are, and we will be friends forever.

I am NOT leaving. I am just not into the whole game of fu much anymore. This may change. You know we all go through times like this with fu.

I have done a lot to promote this site. Helped whenever I could... doing salutes for promotions, gave my opinion to admin (sometimes when they didnt even want to hear it.) I have brought in over 1770 people on referrals alone. I love this site and I love Mike (babyj).

I would like to thank Mike for dealing with me, for being my friend and being so good to me. Trust me this man has listened to me bitch, and he didnt have to. He could have just deleted me and been done with it. I appreciate your friendship and the fact that you have dealt with me so long and have gone above and beyond to be fair with me.

I have never cheated anyone or lied to them. I have never shouted anyone and asked them to buy me anything. I have never done a cam show or called anyone just to get something on fu. Everything I have gotten was either a business transaction... ie... they wanted fubucks for a bling pack/blast etc.. they wanted access to my pics and gave me something for that. There have been VERY FEW and I mean that honestly, very few people on here have given me something just to be nice.... without expecting anything in return. So those rumors that go around that I use people... just rumors. But believe what you want.

Regardless, of how you feel about me.... most of you cant remember fu without me. Good or bad - that is the way it is. LOL I am the best player in the game of fu. I am on more lists, top ranked, thank any other fu EVER. 

For the past few months the only reason, I really log on is to play fuMafia. And now that is getting a bit boring as well. At the level I am at - you are pretty much at a stalemate with everyone else around you.  They are changing it to where skill means nothing and referrals are what will make you strong. I am sorry, I have brought in enough people to this site. And if that isnt appreciated.... if they STILL want more from me... then you guys can come kick my mafia ass. Cause I will not do it. The game should be about skill. Not about how many people you can get to make a profile - and the majority of them will never play. I have spent literally $1000's of dollars in bling credits on fuMafia alone... on my player but mostly giving favors to others. I will not delete my player - cause I love my mafia family. My turf has some of the best people in and out of the game - and I enjoy chatting with them.

ALL questions, concerns and comments I have had about mafia have gone unanswered. Regardless, as to whether they were addressed in shouts or the blog. Meanwhile, whenever they have a question for me, I am always there to give my opinion. I don't know if this is cause fu is growing or if it is just the way the mafia admin deals with things. This is not how I am use to fu being. One of the things that has set fu apart from other sites, is they actually have listened to what its members have to say. And they have made changes accordingly sometimes. Not always, BUT they have always listened.

So, in closing - I am NOT leaving. I am just not around as much as I use to be. I am not concerned about ranks. The fun isnt there as it was before. This may pass. And I could be back, playing as I use to. But for right now, I guess I am taking a fubreak. LOL If you want to find me... if I am here, I will be chatting in my turf.

I wish all of you the best New Year ever!



PS - Please dont think this is cause some people run their mouths. If you know me at all - you know I have never taken anything said about me on fu seriously. The people who like to talk shit or whatever - are funny to me. Almost from day one here people have talked about me. It has NEVER affected me. When someone doesnt know you, their opinion about you - means nothing.  I love this site and the people on it. I am just a bit bored... that is all.

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