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Female · From Florida · Invited by: Zeven · Joined on September 24, 2013 · Relationship status: Married · I have a crush on someone!


I DO NOT trade, share, or want to receive dirty, nasty, or naughty pics. I greatly appreciate your respect on that matter! I DO NOT deal with drama or immature non sense in real life and I will not tolerate it here. If you are hyper sensitive than dont bother with me. I am a fun person and dont need any cry babies around who cant have a good time and take EVERYTHING so serious! I am a great friend & an amazing person! I fight for what I believe in and for what I want! I am easy to love & put my heart in everything I do. I try to be/see positive in ALL things. Don't get it twisted...I'm not always a sweet princess, I can be very difficult to handle and tolerate at times. I am more than a handful, or two, or three! haha If you can love me at my worst, then you deserve my incomparable best! I am loyal, honest, understanding, moody, stubborn, determined, intelligent, patient, strong, sweet, feisty, passionate, fearless, respectful, sassy, funny, playful, and much, much more! Im very open so if you want to know something... feel free to ask! Oh yeah, one more thing...I do NOT care if you like me or not cuz Im still AMAZING!

Female · From Florida · Invited by: Zeven · Joined on September 24, 2013 · Relationship status: Married · I have a crush on someone!
I have an interest in just about everything! It depends on my mood at that moment. I love Dancing, Crafts, Sports, Coloring, Walking and Working Out, Pets, Shopping (fo sho), pool, beach, friends! I love to spoil & take care of the people I love! I love affection, touching, caressing, kissing, being massaged all over! Love to be scratched too! I melt for foot rubs!!
I love all music...as long as its not degrading, isnt full of foul language, and it can be understood!
I love comedies without too much profanity, animated movies with a great story, anything that ends good, and nothing demonic. Real life is ugly enough so I only like fairytales! haha
Good single parents, Anyone who succeeds against the odds, Those who do whats right in the face of opposition!
Video Games
Not too into video games, but I do enjoy Words With Friends, Scramble, Tetris, word and puzzle games, Scattergories, Cranium...Yeah those!

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