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From San Antonio, TX · Joined on April 25, 2012
From San Antonio, TX · Joined on April 25, 2012

Hello my devoted darlings!My name is Maddog McCrae, an enthusiast for anything cultured and beautiful. I was pleasantly invited to make your acquaintances through a friend of mine, stating this would be the place for some lively entertainment. Oh? You wish to know more about me? Well i'm flattered!

From San Antonio, TX · Joined on April 25, 2012

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  • Maddog Dear god! I am so glad this is not a real bar! Ya'll would be giving alcohol poisoning! on that note, thanks for being so friendly!
    6 years ago · Comment

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  • Edie Minion Que...Maddog
    Welcome to Fu. Have fun and enjoy. Edie and Al.

    6 years ago · Reply
  • MJ27Maddog
    like and rated welcome to Fubar

    6 years ago · Reply
  • BudLighterMaddog
    Hello, welcome to Fubar. Hope you enjoy and stay awhile. Could ya possibly comment back and help me out a little? Just click reply and comment back, please. Much appreciated.

    6 years ago · Reply
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