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52 Year Old · Male · From Florida · Joined on July 10, 2011 · Born on June 20th

So here is a little bit about myself. Grew up in the big apple and moved to sunny Fla 1 year ago. Retired civil service..............wont say which one but if ya ever try to climb thru my window in the middle of the nite you ll find out quickly which 1. I keep a small FU Family and I help them as much as I can and I will help you as much as I can as long as I dont feel used. I do have a small bout of M. S. I know I say small and those who know of or have the disease know its not small but I am doing an amazing job with it since Dx in 2011 and considering I retired in 07 with a pension and dont have to break my ass to make a living it helps to maintain the disease. Im a die hard hairspray metal fan (those who are know what i mean). I do accept bling, help and give also to those who deserve so. I do have the gift of gab so feel free to say hi, get to know me a little and enjoy life. YOLO !!!!!!
What I have learned recently in FUBAR. Surround yourself with good people. Surround yourself with people who will help you succeed here in the game and be just as glad as you are when you do. REMEMBER, its just a game. Have a caring and helpful FuFamily , just because one time someone came by and threw 3 credits to you doesnt mean they are a permanent fixture in your family if they dont help you. If you arent deserving enough to be in their family, they why should they be in yours. You will find out real quick when you remove certain people they will come running back in your shout box complaining. Keep an eye on the people who dont like and rate you, give them the same non rates back. Please dont be one of them people who constantly all day long begs for bling. People dont wanna constantly see it. If you have people in your family, go bother them personally. Take advantage of the daily bonuses and feel free to come for me for help because this is very easy once you get the hang of it.
THINK about this and really take a second. Ya notice that you see the same people at the top every week yet you never see FAMPS or H H ? Think about this you pay 29 credits for a H H , you pay 35 for a famp and 15 for a boomie. They give you anywhere between 3 and 5 and many times zero cause they are already in your family but you arent in theirs and if you are what do you get out of it anyway? SO.........you paid 79 credits they paid 3, you get 250 rates during the famp(BALLPARK) . That means they get 250. You rate them also so they get 251, they dont rate you!!!!! So you paid 79 credits they paid 3 and guess who got more rates? Enjoy the game. Dont get taken advantage of

52 Year Old · Male · From Florida · Joined on July 10, 2011 · Born on June 20th

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