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38 Year Old · Male · From Wilmington, DE · Invited by: Bobbi Doll · Joined on January 7, 2007 · Born on May 10th
38 Year Old · Male · From Wilmington, DE · Invited by: Bobbi Doll · Joined on January 7, 2007 · Born on May 10th

Courtesy of MsTags.comMy name is Bill and I guess you could say that I am your average type of guy. I live in Wilmington, Delaware and I am a laid back type of guy except for when it comes to work. I work hard but in my free time like to play hard as well. I like to have fun in everything that I may do and I like to just take things as they come and try new things if they interest me. When I am not at work I am usually either working on cars or I am just looking for something to go out and do. I am always looking for new friends to chat with and friends to get together with too and do whatever we can think of. If you want to know more about me you can just contact me on here and find out all that you want to know.Courtesy of MsTags.com

38 Year Old · Male · From Wilmington, DE · Invited by: Bobbi Doll · Joined on January 7, 2007 · Born on May 10th
As for what I am into I like to work on cars in my free time, and when I am not doing that I am usually collecting Muscle car and Classic car models as well. I also do a bit of drawing as well, in which I am still working on to get better at, lol. But other then that I usually spend my time listening to music and watching movies once in a while but other times I just like to get together with friends that are closeby and just do whatever comes to mind to do whether it is seeing a movie or just grabbing something for lunch or going out for a drink.
I listen to all types of music but I listen to Rock, Classic Rock, and Southern Rock a little more then the rest. But I listen to all types when I am at work or at home, it helps though when you get tired of one type of music, lol. But anyhow whatever type may be playing or whatever anyone else is into is good with me.
I do like to watch movies every once in a while and I usually like to get into the action/adventure and suspense type of movies that include fast paced action usually taking place in a nice classic or modern car on the track or on the open road. Some movies that I have seen in the past and I have liked are Dukes Of Hazzard, Smokey and the Bandit, Talledega Nights, and many others that I can't name right now.
At this time I have no real idols but I do look up to some people in life. I look up to my friends and family whether in real life or online, I look up to them all and treat them all like family. The other group of people that I look up to has to be the American Armed Forces both here at home and across the ocean fighting in Iraq and other countries. They are putting very much on the line and I as well as many others appreciate them for doing so. I have a friend who is in Iraq right now with the Army and I wish him the best of luck with each passing day and hope that he returns safely home with all of the other troops as well. They are the ones that I can truly call Heroes. Courtesy of MsTags.com
Video Games
In my free time I like to play games whether in real life or in a virtual world. I am into the racing and RPG genre of games but I play most all types that look appealing to me no matter what they may have in store. I have a system that I play with games like Flatout 2, NASCAR 06, Driver: Parallel Lines, WWE Smackdown Vs. Raw 2007, and many others. Since the friends I had in high school had moved away it is a good way to pass the time but I am always looking for new friends to chat with about games (or whatever) and also new friends closeby to challenge as well in a game or two

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