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47 Year Old · Male · Invited by: 244559 · Joined on January 7, 2007 · Born on January 10th
47 Year Old · Male · Invited by: 244559 · Joined on January 7, 2007 · Born on January 10th

Hmm,lets see now,...where to begin?Kinda new at this,but I guess ishould start off on appearance.I am a male approx 5'9" in height.Weighing somewhere 'round 180lbs.Fair/light golden brown complexion/skin tone.Dark hair/eyes(sometimes wear glasses).(I like to refere to myself as being a hybrid specimen/or Heinz 57 sauce if you prefer.In case you're curious my ethnic "Mixture"is as follows,Combine Parts African descent/Native Indian(Black foot)/Scotch/Irish/Native Indian(Cherokee)/West Indian(Barbados),lastly French.And there you have it.I have a somewhat athletic/muscular build(try to maintain regular workout schedual)based on time during the week.No tattoos yet,but status soon to change in near future.However,my toungue is peirced.Please also Know that I am a proud single father of 3 lovley daughters.If anybody has looked at any of my photo images you can kind of get a feel for my tastes/interest.

47 Year Old · Male · Invited by: 244559 · Joined on January 7, 2007 · Born on January 10th
Interests, include and not limited to:Art(all kinds)Specifically any type of body adornment.Piercings/tattoos/body paint/unique hair styles/colors,as well as Styles of dress.Any type of body modification(Sexual/gender reassignment)(I totally have nothing but the utmost respect for any indvidual that chooses to take the steps necessary to improve their lives/Acheive self fulfilment&Happiness).(Supports Gay rights) I'm also into architecture/statuary(gothic)/Modern(old churches/Interesting looking buildings)/ancient(pyramids/temples)of the old world.Also into sacred places like stone henge and the like.Metaphysical/spiritual/occult studies,and religious/mythogical beliefs of various cultures. I also dig music(all types). Video games(PS2). Again,art(illustration/graphic design). Designing costumes, and,photography.Other faves Anime/comics.Buddhism/Martial sciences/arts I absolutly adore(Women)in general,(all shapes/sizes/colours)However,I will admit to having a great fondness for Fuller figured Women(BBWS/Voluptuous Vixxens)"Mmm,all those delicicous curves,all that soft warm /yeilding flesh.PLUSHNESS INCARNATE!!!!
Musical tastes tend to vary based on mood. But I basically listen to a little of everything.
Video Games
Games,...uhm, I'm mostly into action/adventure/rpg types. ( Devil May cry series),God Of war,Rygar,CastleVania,Shadow Hearts series,Silent Hill,Shin Megami Tensei,series. Others:Maximo series,Fighting genre types,(Tekken,Soul Calliber,Virtua Fighter).

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