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  • DJ Kitty Fubar ...Jeremy Don Long
    Hi, And welcome to Fubar.Stopping by to rate your page a 10 to get you started..A rate back would be greatly appreciated and Iwould also like to invite you to join us at:THE EVENT...The place to be when you have no place to be {and if you need help}.THE HOTTEST NET LOUNGE ON THE FubarWhere the listeners aways come first.Live DJs taking your request 24/7.The music you grew up with, 60's 70's and the 80's with some of the modern stuff thrown in for good taste.Come roll with the hottest lounge on Fubarand don't forget to click subscribe while you are there.Copy and paste this link to enter,http://fubar.com/lounge/74574Come Join the funThe drinks are on us.Hiring all staff....will train anyone who wants to learn to be a Dj.

    5 years ago · Reply
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