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29 Year Old · Female · From Wisconsin · fuMarried to: I n V i D i a · Joined on August 18, 2010 · Relationship status: Married · Born on February 22nd · 3 referrals joined! · I have a crush on someone and 22 different people have a crush on me!



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Welcome to my page...

My name is Jenner.

I am married, I have children, and I have big boobs... YOU don't need to remind me.

I am on here for friends. Let me make this clear... FRIENDS.

I'm different. End of story. I can't tell you what I'm like because I'm not someone you can describe. I can however say that if you piss me off I feel sorry for you. I embrace rage and revenge. For those I care about.. I really fucking care about you. I'd do anything for them. They know exactly who they are.

I love gore. I love being able to take photos that others deem creepy and yet they can find it beautiful at the same time. I also adore corsets. Corset training is something I plan to get into later on in life when I can actually afford a good corset.

I live and breathe photography. It's been a part of my life ever since I was a kid. I document everything I can. I love getting creative. I love walking and getting detail shots of spider webs or water dripping off of a leaf. Photography is my Xanax.

As previously stated I am married and I have children. Both of which I drop anything for. My kids are my life. They are literally a part of me that walks this earth and I would do anything for them, including keeping them off of this website, so do not ask to see my children.

I am bisexual. Just because I am doesn't mean I'm a whore. I joke around with friends on here and make very rude, crude, and down right nasty comments. It's part of my personality with my friends and this DOES NOT mean that I want to get on skype and cyber fuck as a threesome. As much as I run my mouth I am a very reserved person. Believe it or not I am shy.

I really don't want to cyber, talk dirty, dirty cam, trade numbers, or add people to any messengers. I'm a private person and I only share that information with those who I deem worthy of it. If you can't accept that go hit the home button and move on. I'm not on here to please anyone.

Most asked question is "Does your husband know you are on here? Does he know what kind of photos you post on here?" Answer: Yes. I don't hide shit like this from him. He knows I'm on here. When you start to perve on me and I find it hilarious, he'll be the first to hear your stupid ass comments through my laughter. I'm a woman. I embrace my curves. My husband knows that I look good and he has no problem with me showing it off. I however am not a whore and I will not take nor trade nudes.

Because of being catfished I'm more careful with what I post. Most of you who visit my page know what happened. Again.. my life.. It's not a proud moment but it's done and over with. If you are here to seek out nudes of me keep moving on. Those were only ever sent to special people and a couple of you broke that trust in me so NO ONE gets those anymore.

I change my mind a lot with the access of my folders. I tend to lock them. All depends on how pissed off I get at certain people who like to creep my shit and say stupid things. Even though they are public now I will probably lock them in a week. Be prepared to have a fubar approved salute to get in. No questions asked.

Don't link me photos of your penis. I do check links and if it's cock you can bet your pathetic ass you'll be blocked. Not only am I married but seriously.. dick is ugly. I'd rather look at boobs then your cock.

Drinks... I rarely ever check them. I get too many in a day to actually take the time to read them all.

Comments... I don't always reply but I am sure to visit your page and rate and like you.

Messages... I reply when I can and if it's something stupid or I have nothing to say I won't respond.

I do work a lot. I have kids. I have a real life. Just because I'm "online" on here doesn't mean I'm actually ON the website.

Need help with leveling? I'll do what I can.

Bling: I buy for who I want when I want. I DO NOT trade photos for bling. I simply ask friends if they can and if they can't I move on. Most are randomly given to me and sometimes, but rarely, I will ask or try to trade for fubucks.

Offering me credits to get into locked folders will not work. I DO NOT TRADE!!!

For the most part I'm a really nice person... until you piss me off.

Any questions.. just ask.. however I don't promise a response.

And.. as always.. I rate *EVERYONE* a ten or eleven.

Here are some AMAZING people!

x0x Till I 0verd0se x0x

Congrats if you've made this far =) This is all you need to know about me!

What are dollies? Dollies are beautiful girls who are alternative. We are a lot like the famous CCM girls but alternative. We rock the tattoos, piercings, and wild hair. We are the girls that most don't think about wanting but once you see us you can't walk away.

We.. Are.. Dollies..

29 Year Old · Female · From Wisconsin · fuMarried to: I n V i D i a · Joined on August 18, 2010 · Relationship status: Married · Born on February 22nd · 3 referrals joined! · I have a crush on someone and 22 different people have a crush on me!

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