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47 Year Old · Male · Joined on October 26, 2005 · Born on May 9th · 18 referrals joined!
47 Year Old · Male · Joined on October 26, 2005 · Born on May 9th · 18 referrals joined!

The Fubar Street Team (FST) is a dynamic group of SALUTED Fubarians who volunteer to promote fubar at places like special events, bars, nightclubs, bike rallies, skate parks, community events and more. Fubarians know how much fun we have on fubar.com and the FST is committed to getting other people to join the party. The FST has two goals, promote fubar.com and have fun doing it. It doesn't get much better than that.

The FST is divided into groups called "crews" and the two main crews are on-site recruitment for the FST and the off-site (out in the "real world") promotional crew. As the FST grows, so will the number of crews and how they are structured, so FST members have to be committed and flexible enough to grow with the team.

FST members are motivated by crew competitions for freebies, recognition of crew members who are making it happen and opportunities to move up in the ranks of the team. The FST promotes its crew leaders from within the ranks of the team and values the input of FST members. There are no "I's" in the FST, it's all about fubar.com and the FST. If you are looking for just a "title" this is not the group for you, but if you are looking for a chance to promote something you love and are committed to, while having fun and meeting new people, then we need you on board. So, grab your friends, family and anyone else you think would enjoy being a part of the FST and lets get to work!

Now that you're all amped up, how do you get on the FST? It's simple, inbox us your name (your real one) an email address you actually check and let us know if you are interested in recruiting on-site, or if you are more interested in doing off-site promotions. Someone will get back to you and get you started.

Be sure to follow us on twitter and facebook. This is not a joke. We have been dropping all kinds of crazy stuff on our twitter feed and our facebook fan and group page. Get ahead of the game!

Follow us on twitter www.twitter.com/fubartweets or @fubartweets Click Here To Follow Fubar Tweets
or www.twitter.com/scrapper101 Click Here To Follow Scrappers Tweets

Add us on facebook: Facebook Group
Click Here For Fubar On Face Book


47 Year Old · Male · Joined on October 26, 2005 · Born on May 9th · 18 referrals joined!

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  • Fubar Street Team Enter the fubar 4th of July photo contest and win FREE stuff! For more information on how to enter check out! www.fubar.com/fubar-july-4th-photo-contest/b355133-1265671
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