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 A PERSONAL FREIND of mine crazy dave a fubar resident since 2008.. Has passed away 4/4/15 .. he is under my family he was like a brother to me.. i set up a fund rasier for him .. discouraged because no one is helping his family This man helped so many either talking had thier back and No one steping up to help this mans family they lost a husband a father and thier home.. How would you feel would you want some one like me to have your back to try to help your family when your no longer here? well us and canadian residents can order .. we are working on over seas shipping but any one in us and canada .. please order even 10 dollars helps you get something and your purchase helps his family .. http://robbiesnailjams.jamberrynails.net/party/…have a hart orders 0ver 100 get a free exclusive wrap in his honor
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