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33 Year Old · Female · From Tampa, FL · Joined on September 5, 2020 · Born on June 29th
33 Year Old · Female · From Tampa, FL · Joined on September 5, 2020 · Born on June 29th

It's Bianca, Bitch. And that's all there really is to know

I'm a gamer girl, not a girl gamer. There's a difference. I smoke a lot of fucking mary lol. I enjoy hanging out with my friends, the beaches when they open back up, not wearing a mask in public (fuck you), and destroying the Capitalist Patriarchy designed to keep us all enslaved and subdued.

When I'm not looting, rioting, and pillaging, I frequent the local punk scene occasionally. I like platonic french kisses, a man who will let me stick my finger up his brown eye, and women who have "never kissed a girl before".

I'm Roma gypsy, and Native American, and I am damn proud of that.

Basically I'm just me.

33 Year Old · Female · From Tampa, FL · Joined on September 5, 2020 · Born on June 29th
Long walks on the beach, my long dreads flowing down my back. The sun is setting behind an orange and deep red sky, the ocean waves and distant gulls the only sound to be heard. I live for that shit.

I enjoy the shock factor, I'm a sarcastic cunt with a real fuckin smart mouth. I would describe myself as chaotic neutral.

I'm a grey witch (a real one), with a very old blood line. I have many gifts, ask me about them some time.

INK, together pangea, car seat headrest, The softpack, tech n9ne, hmltd, cage the elephant, black midi, vundabar, poundz, Rancid, Willow, Florence + The Machine, Hotel Lux, The Growlers! <3, Fontaines D.C., Tijuana Panthers, The Strokes, Glass Animals, Cake, The Raconteurs, The Libertines, Pulp, Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds, and I mean, obviously Oasis lmao, The Kooks, Hard-Fi, The Subways, The Fratellis, Surf Curse, Cream, Young Thug, System of a Down, Bob Marley & The Wailers, King Iso, Hopsin, Johnny Cash, Diplo, Skeggs, Kid Cudi. I'm sick of typing, you get the picture
Pulp Fiction, Indy, Most Marvel movies, horror, 80s action movies, b-rated trash, foreign subbed/dubbed, comedy, I'm a fucking gore whore. The more blood, the better.
Me, naturally.
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