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Joined on October 21, 2007
Joined on October 21, 2007

my name is ann. i'm bisexual but mostly a lesbo and proud of it. i like to have sex. i like when people shit on my chest and rub it in. one of my favorite quotes is "get out of my way or i'll fart on you". HAHA. i love anyone who will shit on me. i don't know it just turns me on. so please, if you're interested hit me up and we'll have a shitlicious good time.

Joined on October 21, 2007
i love to piss in the snow in the winter and watch my shit steam in the toilet. my shit tastes like chocolate and my piss tastes like lemonade. i\'m serious, tooo! my shit are just like my boobs; nice and BIGGGGGGGGG i don\'t like cock too much i like girls to eat my shit.
anything that has to do with HOT STEAMY PILES OF SHIT AND DELICIOUS PISS
anything with having to play with my shit. YUMMMMMMM!
my shit and other steamy shits.
Video Games
i like teletubbies and barney games.

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