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********************************************************************************************* 12 Strand DNA ********************************************************************************************* The term '12 Strand DNA' is a pseudoscience term used by healers and energy workers to denote that a soul is evolving into higher requency by activating its DNA code beyond its twin strand spiraling DNA helix. ********************************************************************************************* 12 Around 1 ********************************************************************************************* Spiraling movement of consciousness in different frequencies 12=1+2=3=-manifestation in third dimension, the physical realms 12 spiraling cones around 1 source = 13 = 4=4th dimension = time Sacred Geometry = SG = StarGate = Wheel of Karma = Alchemy Wheel - Clock -Time Electromagnetic energy grid programs of experience - polarity - duality - emotions Alchemy Wheel of Consciousness based on the spiraling patterns of Spiraling back and forth to the center - heart - the Eye. ********************************************************************************************* 12 Strand DNA - VIEW ONE ********************************************************************************************* DNA: The Strategic Plan for Life ********************************************************************************************* While many scholars and scientists believe the truth has been buried in ancient scripture or must be discovered by scientific means, I believe the truth is within each of us. It is consciousness. The connection to the web of creation is the DNA. The DNA holds our ancestral knowledge as well as future potential in a vast library of information. Upregulating our genetic encodement to its fullest potential in this dimension will reveal the "truth". DNA is the Divine strategic plan for life. The double helix shall be stretched and unwound to reveal in actuality 12 strands of DNA forming a sacred geometric figure of unity. A multi-dimensional star tetrahedron is the figure of 12 full strands of DNA reassembled and functioning in a universal spiral enabling us to reach beyond the 12th dimension and into the multiverse. When geneticists sought to break the code of human DNA, they expected to find a double helix molecule. Why? Because in the mid twentieth century, Watson and Crick used tinker toys to create a model of DNA . When scientists unraveled the encodement they found a double helix as expected within a mass of unexpressed DNA. What scientists have labeled junk DNA is actually our highest potential yet to be expressed. Only three percent of the entire genetic encodement which currently is on, in average humans, representing two out of twelve strands of DNA. There are nine breaks in the genetic encodement, six of which are called unassigned reading frames. These breaks may represent where the six pairs of DNA begin and end. The 12 strand DNA is the original blueprint of divine heritage. The first pair of DNA orchestrates the physical body, coordinating its existence. In the past, the world has consisted of dense physical reality concerned with reproduction and survival. The strands of DNA mimic the frequency of the chakras. The first chakra, in the root of the body, corresponds with reproduction and sexuality holding the frequency of creation. The first chakra is associated with the ovaries and the testes which produce hormones. The only organisms known on earth to function with a single strand of DNA are viruses. Viruses only reproduce more viruses, they use the host's resources to fuel their creativity. The second chakra in the lower abdomen corresponds with survival holding the frequency of seeking resources, the sweetness in life. The second chakra is associated with the pancreas, the endocrine organ that provides a means for glucose, the energy source of the animal world, to enter the cells. All higher organisms from bacteria to elephants have two strands of DNA, reproducing and gathering resources in terms of nutrients. Quantum physics has mathematically proven the existence of a multi-dimensional universe. Each strand of DNA corresponds with a single dimension. As we exist in a third dimensional reality the potential of three strands of DNA exists as well. Perhaps the sprinkling of extra chromosomes within the human genome represents the third strand of DNA attempting reassembly. In the 1980's, groups of children were identified with what appeared to be mutated DNA. The first group were infants born infected with the AIDS virus who spontaneously cleared in a few years. Researchers at UCLA studied these children's genetics assuming a survival mutation caused by the virus. Their DNA had more expressed genome than the average human. Additional groups of genetically advanced children were discovered around the world. Chinese children with telepathic abilities were found to have similar appearing DNA as the AIDS babies, while Russian children who had survived the Chernobyl radioactive disaster without harm appeared genetically similar as well. Native Americans have predicted that at the end of the twentieth century, humans, known as the "indigo children", would be born on the earth. These children were an advanced race of beings, heralding the end of the fifth world and the beginning of the sixth. The natives believe that the earth has developed under the influence of a changing sun, each sun time lasting thousands of years. These time periods appear to correspond to what scientists currently understand about the evolution of the earth. Perhaps these genetically advanced children are the indigo children prophesied by native cultures, a natural biological development to a rapidly evolving environment. Human technology has shifted the environment so drastically as to create an evolution of the genetic encodement. Some of which appears to be manifesting as disease as the DNA attempts to reassemble the formerly unexpressed chromosomes into strands. The attempt is to evolve the human species biologically to produce a higher level of biochemistry to adapt to a rapidly changing environment. The 97% of unexpressed DNA is clearly not junk. It is our divine potential enabling us to exist in multidimensional form. The second pair of DNA, the third and the fourth strands, govern our emotional selves. Most of humanity is rising out of sheer reproductive-survival mode and into accessing their full complement of emotions. The third strand of DNA is already expressing itself. Science has noted that in decoding the genetic blueprint, there exists tens of thousands of mutations known as single nucleotide polymorphisms or SNPs. Functional medicine has acknowledged these SNPs as the reason for our individuality and are rapidly demonstrating treatment modalities to individualize therapy. Imagine that DNA is like holiday lights. Lay out multiple strands of lights and only three percent are on with a flickering of scattered lights in the darkened areas. The part of the strands that are lit represent our two strand DNA with the scattered lights, the third and in some cases fourth strands, beginning to encode. Recently on Earth there is a surge of spirituality, a higher awareness of self. Humans are beginning to remember who they are in their divine potential. The third and the fourth strands of DNA encode for our emotional selves. Emotion is the portal to the soul. The ascending genetics is responding to the shift in vibrational frequency experienced on the Earth at this time. While the magnetics of the Earth is dropping to zero, the frequency has been rising from 7.8 hertz currently at about 11 and expected to reach 13 by 2012. What happens when the Earth reaches the higher frequencies with lower magnetics? While a shift in the position of the poles is expected quantum physics suspects a dimensional shift. (Awakening to Zero Point, by Greg Braden). Thus as the Earth evolves so does its inhabitants including us. In order to exist in a biological form in the next dimension a higher genetic potential must be expressed. Our Souls are encoded to reactivate in the reassembly of the higher genetic potential, providing the physical matrix upon which the intention and vibration of evolution of the human species can occur. Each one of us has the potential opportunity to evolve with the planet, in fact our evolution assists the evolution of the Earth. We are here upon the Earth at this time to raise our vibrational frequency and thus assist in the ascension of our race and our planet. ********************************************************************************************* 12 Strand DNA - VIEW TWO ********************************************************************************************* DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) is an essential component of all living matter. It contains the encoded information relative to your physical, emotional, and spiritual lineage. This information determines: * your physical form * hereditary maladies * mental proclivities * emotional behavior patterns * spiritual gifts * and more DNA contains the blueprint for your life purpose and divine potentialities - for who you are as a Divine Being. It is God-given, holy, and sacred. It defines the uniqueness of you.It is who you are! Our present physical DNA contains two strands, which hold the genetic codes for our physical evolvement. There are additional strands, called "shadow strands" until they are activated. Locked within our DNA is also an emotional code that is handed down from generation to generation. These emotional codes are triggered through our belief systems and through life-altering events. Until now, this information has been inaccessible to all except initiates to mystery schools and certain spiritual masters and holy persons dedicated to serving the Light. Activation of the DNA to the 22nd strand is now being offered from the spiritual realms to all of humanity. ********************************************************************************************* DNA Activation: 12 Strand DNA Activation ********************************************************************************************* Our present physical DNA contains two strands, which hold the genetic codes for our physcial evolvement. There are an additional ten strands that are called "shadow strands" until they are activated. These shadow strands are currently held in our etheric body and when actived, hold the codes for the evolvement of our emotional DNA. Locked withn our DNA is also an emotional code that is handed down from generation to generation. These emotional codes are triggered through our belief systems and through life-altering events. The ten newly activated strands of DNA hold the codes for the evolvement of our emotional DNA.They are our cosmic link to the universal life force, connecting Spirit with human genetic coding. * The activation of twelve strand DNA brings a new energy into your body. * The oneness that connects our body, mind, and spirit as a single unit will be activated. * Once your DNA is activated your intra-cellular communication is strengthened. * Your intuition, clairvoyance, and clairaudience are heightened. * DNA activation strengthens your immune system. * You will be able to identify dysfunctional patterns as well as to strengthen functional patterns. This approach works with the vibrational frequency of the disease rather than the disease itself. * Your cells will have the ability to heal and to return to balance. With DNA activation you will actively and consciously create the moment and start the process of moving outside of linear time. When this takes place your biological time clock is reset and you will have the abilty to create your own destiny. DNA activation moves you into the morphogenetic field where emotions are held. Once the DNA is activated, emotions, beliefs, and behavior patterns that do not serve your life can be removed, and replaced with the vibrational frequency of love. ********************************************************************************************* 12 Strand DNA - VIEW THREE ********************************************************************************************* MAKING THE NEW YOU from 'Your First Contact" ********************************************************************************************* So far, the journey into your ever-expanding consciousness has explored the reasons you stand poised at this important juncture in your reality. To birth this 'New You' involves a process that presently is integrating your Spirit (Full Self) with your physical self. A unique change in your physical body's RNA/DNA and in its current energy centers (or chakras) is occurring. These remarkable modifications will permit you to transform yourselves from your current state of limited consciousness to a state of full consciousness. At this point you may well ask: what i's full consciousness? Full consciousness is a wondrous state in which the realms of the physical and the spiritual are fully merged. You possess psychic talents such as telepathy (thought communicating), telekinesis (ability to move objects through thought), and clairvoyance (ability to see into the future). Moreover, with the inherent gift to vividly see the world of Spirit, you are able to converse freely with your beloved departed ones as well as with the Spiritual Hierarchy. In short, your now latent, Christ-like abilities become fully manifested. One of the first steps in this multi-faceted process is for your local Spiritual Hierarchy to raise the frequencies of your mental, emotional, and physical bodies. This procedure increases your spiritual awareness and is one of the reasons behind the phenomenal explosion in sales of metaphysical and self-help literature and their related audio and videotapes. Likewise, a vast global movement is underway, transforming the many fields of healing and medicine. Thus, a firm foundation is being established for the entrance of a new paradigm into this present reality. Dear Hearts, know that this starship is endowed with the marvelous ability to shrink to a size from which we can explore in great detail the interior and the exterior of your transforming body. In this way, we can view your changing subtle (or Light Body) fields. Before we begin this journey, I wish to say a few additional words about the ongoing nature of your transformational process. With these preliminary steps underway, the Spiritual Hierarchy and we in the Galactic Federation are performing another group of fundamental operations. These procedures begin by purging much of the toxicity (negative emotional energies and experiences) that you have imperceptibly accumulated since childhood. Over the last few years, your local Spiritual Hierarchy has engaged you in an extensive series of gradual cleansings that are preparing your physical, mental, and emotional bodies for your coming transformation in consciousness. Second, another series of related procedures resets the circuitry of your brain and re-works your neurological system. These processes initiate a series of new feelings or memory patterns within you. Often, they are expressed as a sense of memory loss or a feeling of general confusion about what is going on around you. We ask you, dear Hearts, to trust and move forward in your internal processing. Bear in mind that what is occurring is a highly complicated operation designed to merge your spiritual and physical bodies. This important procedure is lightening the density of your body. Increasingly, your spiritual essence is being integrated into your physical body, causing frequent aches assorted pains, sudden fevers, bronchial, flu-like symptoms, and intense headaches. In addition, you experience periods of severe fatigue, out-of-the-blue illnesses, and problems with your sight and/or hearing. A primary reason for these difficulties is the incorporation of your multi-layered Light Body into the very core of your physical body. Your Light Body consists of fourteen layers of various subtle bodies, ranging from the etheric bodies that mirror your body's several energy systems to conscious life energy and life information energy bodies that are connected directly to your silver and gold cords. These many systems are holistic and require certain resonance patterns to be properly attached. To do this, we connect them layer by layer to your physical body. You were born with only seven of these Light Body layers existing in your body. For you to become fully conscious, the numerous layers presently outside your physical body need to be affixed to your physical self. We have had to slowly adjust the many modifications to your physical body needed to complete this task. To do this, we have mirrored the electromagnetic activity of your Light Body with that of your physical body. We began our complex operation in the areas of your head, hands, feet, and lower torso and then painstakingly worked our way inward. Owing to the holistic nature of your Light Body and the unprepared nature of your physical body, we have had to gradually alter your physical body to accept each additional layer of Light Body. Adding to this project are the many thoughtforms that you have inherited, either from your ancestors and your parents or from what you have created during this and various other lifetimes. We have resolved all of these complexities with a series of specially applied resonance patterns, designed expressly for you and for the particular aspect that we were integrating. This procedure, most significantly, has made you face many of the fears, anxieties, and denials revolving around what is actually happening to you. Your local Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation of Light a (including your captain and her valiant crew) are very proud of you. We are profoundly certain that you will succeed in carrying out these most amazing transformations. Before we take a closer look, please note that this integration entails the reordering of a number of your mental, emotional, subtle, and physical body fields. If you will all look out the observation lounge windows to your left, you can see that your body is made up of numerous, yet different, consciousness layers. As we pass by, observe how each layer is fluffed around your body like so many gossamer bands. Every one of these consciousness fields is being recalibrated to its highest and most appropriate harmonic. Right now, you are living in a limited conscious state in which your physical body is mostly separated from your spiritual body. Your mind and various emotions are employed as the mediators between the two. This means that your capabilities as a sentient Being have been greatly curtailed. Your physical body has also been permitted to decay. Your creative potential exists with a high probability of being sabotaged by fear, vacillation, and self-doubt. This reality is a great burden each of you must bear, literally, from cradle to grave. You live in a society in which, to a great degree, your vast power and individual sovereignty have been given away to others. We are now ready to embark on our first mini-tour of your body which will explore the rearrangement of your cellular RNA/DNA. Before our journey begins, let me give you some additional information about your RNAMNA. The unique protein strands that form you are extremely sensitive to Light. They possess a regeneration cycle that occurs while you are asleep. Originally, you had a twelve-strand RNA/DNA that provided you with a 48-pair base instead of your present 46-pair base gene structure ' :, During the last days of Atlantis, these twelve strands were manipulated into your current two- strand RNA/DNA. The scrambled RNA/DNA materials were housed in the separated center strand, disconnected from the remaining two strands. A series of occasional catalytic interactions was substituted for its former numerous activities. Originally, many of your geneticists thought this third strand was a vestigial remnant of some primitive RNA/DNA. By the mid-1990s however, this belief had changed markedly. As you can see, there is quite a tale to be told. ********************************************************************************************* TWELVE-STRANDED RNA/DNA: A TWICE-TOLD TALE ********************************************************************************************* Our narrative begins in the early 1950s when Doctors Watson and Crick make an epic discovery concerning the RNA/DNA double helix (see FIGURE 7). They find a third, separated strand in the center of the double helix. Other researchers soon confirm their findings. At first, many geneticists postulate that this third strand is just protein detritus, a material left over from the more primitive evolutionary elements that originally created the human species. Nonetheless, by the mid-1980s, doubts began to be expressed about this concept. Many genetic researchers involved in the early study of the human genome determined that the third strand was starting to connect to the four ladders inside the double helix. This activating third strand displayed highly unusual properties. Its unexpected development suddenly called into question how human evolution had occurred. Infants born with this activated third strand demonstrate very high intelligence and expanded psychic abilities, the most common of which is telepathy. Many babies are able to 'talk' telepathically with their parents, even warning them of potential danger. Initially, these children were rarely seen. However, since the early 1990s, more have been observed worldwide. At a special meeting in Mexico City in 1995, geneticists discussed this occurrence (now much more widespread) in secret. In addition to these amazing children, a number of adults began to appear, globally, whose third strand is in the preliminary stages of reconnecting to the four ladders of the RNA/DNA double helix. By the mid-1990s, the situation had become more prevalent. During the 1995 Conference on Genetics in Mexico City, scientists debated whether to conceal this odd problem from the public or to give out false information, pending the completion of further studies. Many geneticists saw this phenomenon as the potential beginning of a new global catastrophe. They failed to see it as a portent of the ever-evolving integration of body, mind, and Spirit. The first stage of your cellular genetic mutations consists of this third-strand phenomenon. Once this phase is completed, a second stage begins, initiating a multi-strand RNA/DNA (from three to five or even sixstrand) and soon causing superb unification among your mental, emotional, and physical bodies. This stage ends when your genetic material is ready to transform itself into its final form: twelve-strand RNA/DNA. DNA actually has a receptive 'quality. The protein itself is almost like a hologram, a fact that many geneticists (especially in the field of bioelectrical genetics) have discovered. They have found that if information is introduced into the wall of a cell, it is immediately brought within the cellular nucleus. A relationship exists between the cell wall and the nucleus that these scientists were initially at a loss to explain. Cellular interaction takes place, changing the amounts of various chemical reactions, proteins, and so on in the cellular structure and actually altering the metabolism of the body. Both chemical reactions and genetic codes are involved in this process as well as facets of the gene structures that have yet to come online. With a change in consciousness, actual chemical changes occur. Restructured genes activate processes that can alter your physical structure. Previously, I have explained that the change in consciousness occurs at a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level which manifests as a cellular alteration. Now you are equipped for the development of the magical RNA/DNA star tetrahedron! As we enter your RNA/DNA protein strands, carefully observe the fabulous light show. Pay attention to the energy bouncing from one strand to the other. Notice how each special rotating antenna, located where the various protein ladders connect, brings this information-energy in from other dimensions. The physical basis of your full consciousness is twelve-strand RNA/ DNA. This amazing organic Light material forms as a star tetrahedron (see FIGURE 8) that constantly spins and rotates on its six major axis points. In addition, the third strand in each of the six helices connects to (and continually weaves patterns of Light around) the central core of the star tetrahedron. Every day, your Sun transfers pure photon energy to Earth's atmosphere. One source of these patterns of Light is the Sun. Another is the constant transmission of inter-dimensional information- energy. This second source of life-giving photon energy contains a great deal of data from your local Spiritual Hierarchy. Information is collected through the use of special rotating antennae found on the two strands that form the helix and located where each strand intersects with its four ladders. Here, a special series of vortices, created by the constant gyrations of the different elements in the star tetrahedron, makes this acquisition possible. These sacred transmissions give your fully developed RNA/DNA the special codes they need to properly distribute your life force energy throughout this remarkable ever-changing star tetrahedron. In addition, these specially designed rotary antennae regulate the amount of photon energy present in each star tetrahedronan this way, your RNA/DNA receive its life-giving photon energy and then converts it into energies that your body's consciousness can easily process. Let us take another look at how this process operates. Fully developed RNA/DNA interacts in very profound ways with your internal cellular structure. In the past two decades, your cellular biologists have discovered that consciousness changes the nature (functioning) of the cell and its relationship with other cells in your body. In this recently emerged field of 'quantum biology', consciousness (perception) can be observed to alter the health or even the daily interactions of cells. Full consciousness dramatically increases that same procedure. In this case, your consciousness interacts on the smallest levels of cellular biology. In effect, your body, mind, and Spirit are completely integrated -a transformation visible in the exchanges now occurring in your transmuting RNA/DNA. This amazing alteration in the state of your physicality necessitates the adoption of some new physical energy centers (or chakras) where the freshly integrated consciousness can reside. In our next mini-tour, you shall see how four new chakra centers are being added to your physical body. 'This currently evolving process has brought you to the very edge of creating a most extraordinary reality: 'Your New Chakra System'. ********************************************************************************************* YOUR NEW CHAKRA SYSTEM ********************************************************************************************* as we exit this important part of your developing microbiology, we enter In the next stage of your physical body's shifting reality a realm of many vibrant prismatic colors and dancing energy patterns. Your body's chakra system can be viewed as an energy pattern of beautiful colors, circling each of its thirteen major energy centers. Imagine glorious combinations of reds, coralpinks and vibrant light-blues, red-oranges and pale and day-glow greens, dancing together in marvelous ways. Picture each energy center working with every other as one. Before we immerse ourselves in the observation of our chakras, let me briefly describe why this is happening to you. Chakras (or your major energy centers) allow your transforming physical body to integrate its spiritual body and to function properly. To accomplish these complex procedures, your local Spiritual Hierarchy intends to bring four additional chakras online as soon as possible. These four new centers will permit you to manage the immensity of multi-dimensional information inherent in your new physicality. In addition, they will transform the other seven chakras, thereby allowing them to take on many new 'responseabilties'. Let us now engage our ship's unique 'miniature' drive and enter this changing life-energy system of your chakras. To assist us in explaining your new chakra system in great detail, we have brought a special magnifying system online. Please look at the forward screens. The first extra center is at the diaphragm where your body's emotional memory system is currently located. The second new center is situated at the thymus where your body's immune system is presently regulated. (Fully-conscious humans possess a complete and very healthy immune system.) The two other new centers are in the head. One (called the 'Well of Dreams') is found in the back of the head just above your medulla oblongata. It regulates the connection your consciousness has with information from higher dimensions. The other new chakra is located near the pituitary and is named after the master endocrine gland in the body. Instead of the previous seven physical body centers, your transformed body now has eleven. This eleven-center network has two additional interdimensional (etheric) centers located above the head. They are called the 'Universal Female' and the 'Universal Male'. In total, you will have thirteen primary or main chakras -two purely etheric and eleven that are part of your physical selves (see FIGURE 9). Let us begin the following portion of our mini-tour by describing these new and currently transforming chakras. The first chakra (root center) is located at the base of the abdominal cavity. Its main purpose, however, is changing. This energy center allows Mother Earth to attune your life force vibrations to hers. In effect, Mother Earth depends upon the resonance of her physical Angels to maintain maximum efficiency of her magnetic and gravitational fields. The second chakra (sex center) is located near the sexual organs and is tied to the first chakra. Its primary purpose is to help vivify the body through the use of special sexual practices or disciplines such as highly ritualized, fully-conscious tantra. This process permits the vibrating energy (internal sexual tuning crystal) to tune the entire body and, especially, the first chakra. The third chakra (solar plexus center) is located just above your belly button and is the seat of the second connection point for your Full Self. Life energy enters through the crown center at the top of the head (the golden cord) and through the solar plexus (the silver cord) or seat of your Will. The heart center regulates this energy. The newly formed fourth chakra (diaphragm center), found at the base of the thoracic cavity, is now the center for storing negative emotions. In the near future, it will be able to alleviate stress and empower Will energies stored in the solar plexus center. This chakra is the center of a rejuvenated 'prana' (breath energy). And, as students of yoga know, prana acts to revitalize and purify the body. The fifth chakra (heart center) is found at the heart. It is a vital link to the Angelic energies of pure thought and to the holy energy of complete Love, devoid of all possession, sentimentality, etc. This complete or pure love enables your body to operate at peak efficiency. The sixth chakra (thymus center), also newly formed, is where the thymus gland is situated. In your coming reality, the body is pure thoughtform. Its immune system is tremendously strong and viable. In the transformed human, the thymus retains its initial size which is about one-third the size of an adult heart. This means that the thymus center remains sound throughout your lifetime. The human body easily attains the ability to transmute any potential illness or disease. Due to Earth's present high levels of background radiation and to the many long-forgotten wars that have ripped your atmosphere asunder, your thymus center begins its gradual deterioration immediately following birth. By adulthood, it has shriveled from the size of a human baby's heart to that of a small pea. The seventh chakra is located in the throat and helps to collect prana energy that invigorates and purifies the body. It also acts as the communicator for your consciousness and coordinates the energies of the body ,with the regulatory consciousness energies of the head. The eighth chakra (Well of Dreams' center) is currently vestigial and is found in the area of the occipital lobe (at the base and back of the head) directly above the neck. Individuals, particularly those with psychic abilities, commonly get headaches from information 'bottlenecking' that create discomfort in this region. This chakra's inactivity mirrors your present state as a dormant, limited conscious Being. In the present reality, humans with expanded psychic abilities can use connections critical to the brain's limbic system provided by the "Well of Dreams' to mentally control others. It is important to realize this and to surround this center with great spiritual protection. In the new fully conscious system, this particular center, regulating psychic energies and preventing you from ever being controlled, becomes very important. The ninth (pituitary chakra) is newly located in the area of the pituitary gland. Near the center of your head, it permits the body to respond to Light and radiation and, by utilizing this response, eventually will re-juvenate your body. In the new body, the sixth, eighth, and ninth centers interact quite extensively with the others, allowing you to use any vital, inter-dimensional information-energy immediately. The tenth chakra (pineal center) is located in the center of the forehead above the nose and near the pineal gland. It brings in higher Light frequencies and is known as the vision center or the 'third eye'. Together, the eighth and tenth chakras permit you to receive and interpret visions and other key messages from higher vibratory states. The eleventh chakra (crown center) is located at the back half of the top of the head. It is here that the Full Self energies from the universal source and the two new etheric chakras connect into the head. The twelfth chakra (Universal Female) is situated just above the head. It controls the left side of your body and regulates your many creative gifts and talents. It is also where the desire for internal self-love and for external love or compassion originates. The thirteenth chakra (Universal Male) is found above the head and regulates the right side of the body. It also has authority over your perceptions of reality and your ability to carry out a designated plan with practicality. This chakra is the source of your desire for inner and outer harmony. Keep in mind, dear Hearts, that you are energy and Light Beings. Everything in Creation is Light. Your cellular structures and everything around you (the room in which you are currently sitting or any other part of your reality) is all Light. Light exists at many different frequencies. There is visible Light, and there is obscure or hyper-spatial (inter-dimensional) Light. There are many different levels of Light. Light is all encompassing. All of Creation is made of Light. For this reason, every area of the body is highly Light sensitive. It is crucial that you understand this point. We are all Light Beings. Even now, you could say that you are a Light Being having a human experience. Let us now move our ship's camera into a better position. From this new vantage point, we are able to see how the chakras operate. To begin, let us examine the way your head chakras connect to your now forming twelfth and thirteenth chakras. If you visualize the area around your head, you can see an energy triangle forming. Emanating from it are many vibrant, prismatic colors and energy information packets perceived as sudden blips of Light. This triangle connects the twelfth (Universal Female), thirteenth (Universal Male) and eleventh (crown) chakras. Yet another line travels from the eleventh (crown), to the eighth (Well of Dreams), to the ninth (pituitary), to the tenth (pineal) and, finally, returns, back up to the eleventh (crown) chakra. Dear Hearts, visualize two flat circular shapes that connect through the eleventh (crown) chakra to create a special rotating, scalar wave transducer. Scalar waves are inter-dimensional waveforms. The rotating, triangular head antenna allows a person to radiate her/his life and information-energy to others. Through this same device, the individual receives the energies of others. Both upper and lower brain centers are thereby able to inter-communicate in ways that are beyond your present capabilities. In effect, Earth humans will have a first (or 'outer') sight and a complete second (or 'inner') sight. Psychic abilities such as telepathy, telekinesis, clairvoyance, clairaudience, and psychometry will become natural. At this point, we will zoom our camera focus out just a bit. From this macro perspective, we can clearly see how these centers interact. The eleventh (crown) chakra brings in Light (life and informationenergy) and channels it to the eighth (Well of Dreams) and sixth (thymus) chakras. As we have just seen, the eighth and sixth centers (both Light sensitive) interact. Remember that Life originates within the divine Light of the Creator. Focused in this way, many of the frequencies of divine Light produce a Love harmonic. The energy this focus produces causes the eighth and the sixth centers to resonate with the fifth (heart) center. As the eighth, sixth, and fifth centers resonate with each other, they radiate energies that allow the seventh (throat) center to receive the incoming prana. (life energies). These harmonies (songs of Light) move down, to the 'prana' or fourth (diaphragm) center, distributing the prana energy and invigorating and cleansing all the cells of the body. Let us now zoom in closer with our ship's camera to allow you to observe your expanded, fully-integrated chakra system in operation. Notice that each center is vibrantly multi-colored with no shade predominating. Depending on its health and function, each center's colors encompass almost the full spectrum. Light energies emanating from each centeu-appear as constant fire flashes from a very bright Light. They are continually exchanging energies and information. This process creates a natural and self-regulating feedback or information loop which makes the many energy systems of your body appear to spin and pulse simultaneously like a 'lighted' toy top. As the chakras of your body's system glimmer, their Light resonates a glorious musical harmony. They create an effect similar to a computer-linked synthesizer which can convert a sequence of colors into a musical composition. Heard more closely, the sounds of your body resemble a mixed choir performing an exquisite, classical oratorio. At times, your body echoes a magnificent, angelic chorus. Although these frequencies are currently too high for your ears to perceive, this is the way in which your body sings its intentions and constant praises to its Angelic guardian 1 councils, body councils, and fellow Light Beings! Using our ship's camera, dear Hearts, let us now 'zoom' in, yet again, on this multi-colored, shimmering body. First, observe the solar plexus, the area of your belly button and abdomen, which connects you with your silver cord. This cord brings in the Universal Creator energy from your divine source (the realm of the Creator) to your physical instrument. In a very special manner, it then distributes this energy throughout your physical body. The key to this process involves the relationship between the third (solar plexus) and sixth (thymus) chakras. Observe a special loop (or 'bow' of silvery-white energy) passing between them. Special life energy enters the back of the shoulders at about the level of the upper chest. The sixth chakra is the body's special, energy-receiving center. The thymus, a center of high wellness and immunity, absorbs the energy, and finally the life energy intermingles with the energy of Creation -the Universal Creator energies. The energy of Universal Creation flows in through the silver cord and the third chakra. Notice how this pulsating 'bow' of silvery-white and other intertwined colors rains down in a shower of sparkles on your diaphragm. This happens because your fourth (diaphragm) center-your prana center-transmutes the energies into a more usable form and then distributes them to every cell in your body. The diaphragm center also utilizes the energies to transform many negative or limiting thoughtforms. Dear Hearts, as we adjust our camera again, you can, without doubt, distinguish what is occurring with your body's energy systems. Information-energy descends from the eleventh to the third chakras while life energy ascends from the first to the third. At the third chakra, the two energies meet and interconnect, then move back up to the eleventh chakra, completing the circuit. Thus, they link the energies of the lower chakras to those of the higher chakras. Look closely at this massive exchange of multi-colored and highly vibrant energies. What an incredible kaleidoscope of colors, flashes, and melodies comprise the "New You'! However, your view of yourself is not yet complete. Myriad wonders remain for you to see! As we re-examine the Light show going on in your heads, we observe that these amazing energies move first through the twelfth and thirteenth chakras (the Universal Female and the Universal Male, respectively). In this way, the body maintains its femaleness (left side) and its maleness (right side). The body's nervous, circulation, and consciousness systems all mirror the dual female/male energies. If we examine this entity holistically, we can discover how incredible it really is. As we have duly observed, the new, fully-conscious human Being is able to rejuvenate, is tapped into the inter-dimensional world, and can see spiritual energies. This Being is one with what you call the realm of the dead (the Spirit world) and is capable of producing powerful thoughtforms. Such a Being seeks Love and desires to discover/ascertain what reality is made of and how to plumb the depths of its soul's purpose. This Being is curious about its past and future lives and reaches out for any information that can assist it in its search. In short, this desire creates among all existing physical Beings the basis for a new collective contract, leading to the construction of an entirely new reality. In this new reality, an expanded consciousness field is formed. it is the means for your planetary society to understand itself more profoundly than is presently possible. Streaming in and around you is the consciousness of others -their thoughtforms, wishes and prayers, their upsets, anxieties, and more. The first prerequisite is to teach you how to regulate these new energies and show you how to be in oneness and harmony with this new consciousness. You need to be taught the etiquette of mutual interaction. Then, you can finally begin to understand the processes that surround you so that you will be able to mutate into a true planetary guardian or physical Angel. Once you learn to mentally adapt to your new consciousness, it becomes necessary for you to understand how to control and use thoughtforms, how to communicate properly with those who have passed on, and how to use the knowledge of Spirit to aid yourself and others. Counselors from the Galactic Federation of Light can teach this to you. As the educational process continues, Mother Earth knows how to discover the ways in which her humans forever manifest their reality. That process leads your reality into ever-interlocked and unified fields of consciousness. Dear Hearts, each of you is a human Light point, interacting with all others, to produce a global web of focused consciousness. This is a very special communication web capable of making almost anything in this world possible. To reiterate: you are a guardian or physical Angel. Bear in mind that you are a corporal and, more than that, a spiritual Being. Therefore, it is imperative that you need to be prepared for the great change that is about to occur. Realize that, as a result of your growth in consciousness, a new reality is about to dawn for all humans on this blessed orb! Let us review a few of the exciting things we have discovered during our two mini-tours. Some of your transformations are due to the expansion of your consciousness. You possess a Light Body, thoughtforms, and the ability to overcome age -to rejuvenate. You have the ability to communicate telepathically with others, with plants and animals, and with the Gaia (Earth) force itself. Also, you are able to communicate with those who have died and with those who might, today, be called Angels or nature Devas. You may ask why your local Spiritual Hierarchy is suddenly integrating your physical and spiritual bodies. For what reason are they at this moment instituting four new chakras and creating a twelve-strand RNA/ DNA? Simply put, the reason for all of this is that Mother Earth has decided to change herself most profoundly. The Spiritual Hierarchies, all the way up to the Creator, have given her full permission to transform and transmute into her pristine and fully-conscious self Imagine being in a room in which the walls, the floors, and even the ceilings suddenly became electrified. It would be very difficult for you to continue to exist in that room unless you changed as well. That is why you need to become a fully-conscious Being. ********************************************************************************************* What does being fully conscious mean? It means three things: ********************************************************************************************* 1) You become multi-dimensional in your conscious thinking, in your reality, and in your capabilities; 2) Your physical body amalgamates with all other aspects of your new reality; and 3) You change your energy systems entirely. In this way, your physical systems actually integrate your multi-dimensionality as well as your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. Let us now permit some questions, the answers to which can help you better understand these momentous changes which are creating the 'New You'. TO VIEW FULL BLOG PLEASE SEE http://people.tribe.net/karina/blog
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