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Hello My friends or visitors, I just need a little help your thoughts on this issue. I am a single parent of a 16 soon to be 17 year old girl. She had her tonsils out over this past school year and she has had alot of colds and infection issues since then. Long Story short she will not pass this year and be held back. She wants me to allow her to drop out of school and go for her GED. I would rather see her start fresh next year even if we need to enroll her in a different school try the first 2 quarters providec she gives 100% if she is still struggling so badly i told her i would consider her going for her GED then. She acts like i am asking way 2 much. Is she right am i asking 2 much from her? Am i being unreasonable? I think an actual high school diploma is worth more then a GED. These are different times i know near the end of high school i hated it i could not wait for it to be over i didn't like my teachers either. But if i had dared to tell my parents i was going to drop out just so i could get a GED my ass would have been out the door on the street because there is no way my father would allow me to get away with that. I am sorry to be rambling so long here but this is an issue that is causeing alot of stress. I would appreciate any comments or advice that any of you may have especially from other parents. Thanks for listening
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