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eat you own words choke on your lies let their seeds fester consuming til you are nomore true face is gone left here with a facade your honey soaked words your promises, a blueprint to build a utopian future reality crashes down destroying the foundation your throne of lies tumbles illuminated by the truth now i can see reality shall i be the deliverer the hand of the righteous let the deceivers cower on bloody knees they plead kowtow before me as they may i must fufill this destiny and deliver divine justice their blood flows tonight the lies will no longer infest when i slit the throat of hypocrisy. by john m
but for unsaid reasons i haven't had any reason to come on ct in awhile. but i thought i would stop by and leave you my latest peice of shit
I am not like you pain knows no end tears will always shed fears ever consuming I can't be like you wish the pain away wipe away the tears overcome these fears I want to be like you let time ease my pain lets these be tears of joy know the end of fear I'll never be like you can't you see me this way what can make you understand it just won't go away when you can't whitewash what i've done with the walls stained red will you finally know what i said will you understand my words i never could be like you
by john m
the sun, eclipsed by sorrow freezing in the lonliness i reach to the sky to find love i find only that i am lost further than i had thought harder i try, harder it is i am left chasing butterflies winged dreams just out of reach always wanted but never attained if only i could grow wings and fly high to be near her but here i stay hands outstretched ground falling from beneath me saturated by the tears i shed buried by words that are hidden suffocating beneath all these doubts claw my way through the the pain fingers stripped to the bone will i make it to the top get out of this pit alive feel the sun's warmth again or have i found a grave to call my own. by john m
the shadow's hunt He stalks the night making not a sound lost in the whispers of the wind wearing a cloak of darkness he remains the unknown to all but time itself he hunts the night's prey he catches glimpse of the hunted death fills the air he springs from the darkness with but a blur of crimson and steel he again disappears into the night wrapping himself within the shadows with no traceleft in his trail except the lifeless shell of a man but he will tell no tales of this night.
ok once again this is not my religion but i find christianity has some good stories. so once again i took one and maybe gave it a little personal artistic changes...but what ever...you like it great...you don't oh well....you want to hate me for it well then you are probably a narrow minded idiot so oh well. if you haven't noticed by now i really don't care who i offend with anything i say or do anymore...accept it or don't....and i don't know why i just went on that rant but here is the reason we are all here: tale of the martyr fate has called his name for him martyrdom awaits he will carry his death throughout the streets for us he chose this to walk this gauntlet battering him with jeers wading through the tears this messanger of faith condemned for his beleifs to wipe the sweat from his brow a glorified honor to save him from his fate an unatainable dream golgotha bound, he continues struggling this path of destiny upon the hill he's raised as a banner for all to see message of punishment to all glimpse of hope to few with dying eyes he watched the sun setting into the night unworried by the death of daylight for he knows of the new dawn coming til his dying breath our salvation his only thought his blood for our souls the great sacrifice for mankind the tale of the martyr. by john m
nature of man with open books the missionaries come hands of need mouths to feed with swords unsheathed the missionaries come act on greed watched them bleed when the last man falls spirit of a people dies this land of the brave founded of treachery nurtured by bloodshed the cup overflows still dominate, conquer and kill this nature of man cripples us all. by john m
in silence night falls once more leave me to my own again deadly visions my only friend my arm, these crimson dreams won't they leave me alone stop the pain, stop haunting me what will make them go away set to flight and live here no more i can't live with this any longer strength has been drained of me hard for me to lift this head of mine look to the stars for the answers tell me what to do to end this pain why won't it loosen its grip on me do i need to cut it away let my tears wash away the blood that is a path best untraveled here i remain screaming in silence. by john m
killing me now haunted by these thoughts why can't i think straight mind polluted with these fears will they wipe clean wash away with the rain or must i live with this whispers taunting me confusing the reality i see telling me everything is a lie ever questioning my existance watching for the next dagger who will the next enemy be worries killing this life i tighten the noose i have made around this neck of mine tighter it grip grows assuring me this pain is real will you help me cut this rope let me breathe this life again assure me of fears unfounded and of feelings that are true I look to the sky for words of hope to bring me releif and find salvation could a voice sweet as the spring rain wash away these thoughts horrifying me until that day i hide from myself trying to wait out these fears that haunt me, that are killing me now. by john m
These sweet berries these sweet berries tantalize the senses delicate scent vibrant colors tastes of sinful delight let them touch your lips so close yet unnatainable filled by its aroma i work to tease you inducing a frenzy til i give in let you taste of the fruit gently upon your tongue allow me to linger here fingers tracing your lips these sweet berries filling my hands embraceing them tight i coax them to bleed for me juice flows through my fingers rivers of sweet juices passionatly i navigate your curves following the streams covering you tasting every drop of sweetness these sweet berries one waiting here for you resting upon my lips come to me and take yours bearing these fruits for you find me with motives of lust lips lock in the exchange divine ambrosia bestowed upon us keep this euphoric moment never to fade away remembering past the breaking dawn the tastes of sinful delight .....these sweet berries. by john m
edge of the world standing at the edge of the world my back turned on reality i wait to be pushed over waiting to fall from this place leave my worries behind swim through the void before me travel this great beyond standing at the edge of the world peer into an unforgiving night will I fall til the end of time could there be an end to nothingness let me come crashing down to find it finding peace within the peices of me let the remains tell my story tale of a bold explorer, weary traveler seeking to find where it all ends here to discover....ever alone standing at the edge of the world. by john m
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