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rock's blog: "you still here"

created on 02/20/2012  |  http://fubar.com/you-still-here/b346619

You still here

Even when you fade away

In my dreams

You still here

I try to fight my tears but still falling down anyway

I try to catch my dreams change it to my own way

You still here

I' am in war with my heart again

It is hard coz you will always stay there

I try to talk sense to my mind but your flames in my heart Is so big that I can't put away

How to talk to your soul to tell the hopes inside you, stop, there is no way

You still here

Far or near you will always be here

Can't fight it can't erase it

Can't remove it can't take it

You still here

It is so hard to move you away

But maybe time will take my pain away

And bring my heart what you took away


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