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41 Year Old · Female · From Indianapolis, IN · Joined on September 19, 2008 · Relationship status: Married · Born on May 10th · 16 referrals joined! · I have a crush on someone and 42 different people have a crush on me!

LOOKS AS IF THIS SECTION NEEDS SOME EDITING BWHAHAHA..I LOVE ME!.....FIRST OF ALL, YES! I HAVE NSFW PICS!! AND I LOVE THE SKIN I AM IN!!! DON'T LIKE IT, YOUR PROBLEM NOT MINE LMAO....I DO NOT SELL MY PHOTOS PERIOD! BEING AN EXHIBITIONIST AND A WHORE ARE 2 TOTALLY DIFFERENT SUBJECTS. THOSE IN MY FAMILY THAT SEE THESE PHOTOS HAVE BEEN FRIENDS OR ACQUAINTANCES ( IF YOU RATHER) FOR A LONG TIME.....SMOOCHES, SECONDLY,( YOU CAN POLISH ANY OF MY BLING WITH OUT BEING MY FRIEND!!!) I am a mellow laid back, kind,understanding, loving , caring woman, until you PISS ME OFF!....I don't like drama AT ALL...have had several try to start DRAMA and continue to do so even after being blocked (PSHHH AND THEY CALL ME CRAZY) so if your one to start it don't bother to try and be my friend. Yes this site can be fun and you can meet great people. I am a BITCH at times , but never towards anyone just coming to say hi... I am here looking for friends...i was once a member of lost cherry and cherry tap....i made a lot of friends then and would like to continue to make friends....im very down to earth, there's nothing that will shock me i've seen and heard more than one person should LMAO..... I am the mother of 3 boys 19, 14,and 10 ,they are my world, my everything.....so if you don"t like kids then piss off.I can be very naughty , but yet i am very BOOK AND STREET SMART.( Hard to pull the wool over my eyes). YES! I HAVE NSFW PICTURES! I used to let all whom were on my friends list see them...But I have noticed with so many selling their's My so called friends have turned to paying high prices for it. So mine are now (FAMILY ONLY!!!)...SORRY HAD TO BE A BITCH SOMEWHERE IN MY ABOUT ME LOL... I am MARRIED, he is my soul mate, we both have profiles so please show him some love....im a vet tech by trade...i love animals...I also have my own DJ and karaoke business(YES THE WHITE GIRL CAN SING!! LMFAO I LOVE MY OLD SCHOOL SHURE 55 MICROPHONE...I MAKE LOVE TO THAT MIC STAND BWHAHAHA!!,I can do acrylic nails and i can cut and dye hair men and womens, as well as a liquor and server license and the ability to draw and tattoo...some say i am a jack of all trades but a master of none lol...i accept everyone for who they are no matter what...its not my place to judge anyone so i dont expect you to judge me....I love frogs, i have them everywhere in my yard and randomly in my home lol, rainbows, American Bullies, Pit bulls ,10 of my dogs are American Bullies or pit bulls,YES THIS WOMAN BREEDS A WONDERFUL BREED AND SHOWS THEM..TOP NOTCH BLOODLINES....(BAILEY'S BULLIES LLC).... anything to do with love...jewelry, ect...i have a green thumb i have over 136 plants NOW just in my home. I have OCD so i clean a lot lol...but hey rather live clean then filthy lol...I have animals...9 dogs (American Bullies) a cat, 1 turtles, 2 30 gallon fish tanks, 20 GALLON FISH TANK, lmao...they are all my babies...I have a heart of gold until you piss me off...Some use people on this site and i have been told i do as well...i do not like to be (STEREOTYPED)at ALL i do not use people in any way...I DO NOT believe in it...i myself have been used and it is not a good feeling... If you want to know more (HELL YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO MY SHOUT BOX IS ALWAYS OPEN UNLESS RUNNING A BOMB.....thanks for stopping by SMOOCHES loves...xoxoxoxoxoxo.....DON'T BE SHY I DONT BITE UNLESS ASKED BWAHAHAHAHA...YES i have a sense of humor...what is life without some damn HUMOR! Suck it up cupcake...SMOOCHES


41 Year Old · Female · From Indianapolis, IN · Joined on September 19, 2008 · Relationship status: Married · Born on May 10th · 16 referrals joined! · I have a crush on someone and 42 different people have a crush on me!
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I love all music, if it sounds good to me, no matter the genre, i will play the hell out of it lol Hence me being a DJ. Music is the way to my heart and soul.
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