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wow it looks like livie cant take a joke. she posts a mumm and asks if she looks like a man well i voted she did and then goes and blocks people who she thinks voted that way, well she msgs me asking if it was me and hell yes i vote she looks like a man. i have to say this if you dont like the votes you get for asking a dumb question like that then dont post one as stupid and dumb as asking if you look like a man when you are a woman. damn you are ether looking for points or you just have low self confidence in your woman hood. GROW THE FUCK UP YOU BITCH.

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ok i just got this message on here in my email and well i just love the spelling and the way its set up as in the way they worded it. its to funny. read and have a good laugh at this girl Hi, How are you doing today ?Hope you are doing Pretty cool today..i love what i read on ur page and i believe you are a perfect being, God must have done a perfect and tidious job in molding you a masterpiece, you indeed the cynoture of my eye, so beautiful and elegant. my mind tells me that it must have taken the almighty much time to create you. I am looking for a serious cordial relationship with passion for whom will help me just the way i have been praying for, who does not only have love for material thing, but sincere and objective in life pls try and get back to me. I am a honest single and serious minded woman, above all things i love honensty and sincerity man to spend my life with and also god fearing man.I am objective and cool. I am 5ft 6inch tall with averagly stacture , easy going and romantic,Honest,Caring,Trust,Truthful woman waiting to hear from you. You Can reply me Back on Debra_stan2@yahoo.com Best Regards, Debra PS this is the girls fubar page http://fubar.com/user/1679271
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