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Parabola's blog: "WTF"

created on 09/20/2008  |  http://fubar.com/wtf/b246809


Can someone please help me understand how to work the AIM messy...I only use YIM and have downloaded this goofy AIM to talk to my girl on..any help would be greatly appreciated :D
You Are a Cookie-Browine-Sundae
Totally sweet, delicious, and comforting.
You are a total glutton for... everything!


So I get a friend request from this chick LilGypsy,I add her, she rated my page dropped some comments then pops up in my SB with this sh*t.. LilGypsy: give me your're no.. or I'll give you mine ->LilGypsy: huh? ->LilGypsy: call u? LilGypsy: ok nevermind LilGypsy: call me? LilGypsy: whats up WTF are these people thinking to just pop up in my shoutbox and start asking me for my number??? uh ok and who the f**k are you to be asking me for my number?? These people up here make me chuckle...So needless to say she met the blocked list with the quickness...So anyhoo...Good Morning everyone :p
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