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DUTCH's blog: "wtf"

created on 11/01/2006  |  http://fubar.com/wtf/b20144
For 28 years all i have done is try to make people happy make them laugh make new friends then you have those people who accuse you of cheating because your talking to them whats the difference talking to them online or in a bar or at work if you talk to a girl at work are you cheating for 28 years i have been putting up with too much shit and im sick of it if i have offended anybody on here im sorry if anybody on here thinks im here for sex im sorry i like to meet people and chat i like girls girls are easier ot get along with if you have any problems with what i have said on here you can message me or just delte me thanks dutch


i hate my fucking life im gonna jump in front of a god damn fucking bus poof im gone


time to go home gonna go drink my life sucks dream of me maybe ill be back maybe not who cares peace out


off till monday love yall ps my birthday is on the 27th give me some love please it would make me happy since im gonna be 28 and fell old as shit lol kisses dutch


wtf is wrong with women. i see all these damn bulletins and they mad when guys say i want your cunt let me fuck you but when u talk to them nice they say your like every other guy so to that i have to say WTF. PEACE OUT dutch
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14 years ago
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