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created on 03/12/2008  |  http://fubar.com/wtf/b197281

The following is a real situation i have to deal with, and I know what I am going to say to the room mate, but I figure I can get some ideas and advice from you fine people, as out spoken as you are.

I am having some issues concerning my room mate, who has a son and a daughter living here. There are 5 kids in the house at least half the time, 3 of which arent mine. I for the most part take care of my twins and their sister, and my ex wife works and when she wants to go socialize I am obviously watching my boys..well the other room mate likes to go out with her and I have been willing to watch her kids cuz they are usually going to bed when they leave. But its going on about three weeks shes been here, and two of those weeks I have been the cook, the house maid, the baby sitter AND the one putting groceries in the house...I have to put my foot down before it goes any further.

She is getting child support and food stamps...GETTING...she hasnt put any food in the house, payed for anything, and when I went to the fights on monday, I paid the babysitter and havent been payed back yet, and she promised she was getting cs the next day...well i think she got it and didnt pay me, or buy food...

My problem is she is one of those people who says "Im not going out tonight, ive been partying too much" but then guess what happens... im the one getting the short end of the stick...and im not interested in making her pay me with sex either lol 

Im gonna tell her im not gonna watch her kids and im not gonna continue putting my money up to feed everyone if she isnt gonna handle her shit right. shes a mother ffs and acts like a single bitch with no kids.

I guess I really dont need advice so much as just some place to rant before i talk to her, so i dont say the wrong thing, i know how there is a big difference between the way she thinks and how i think...



as you were


ps, sorry its a wall of words


This movie is a must see! Imagine if you will, Mad Max type world, A post apocolyptic life, where everyone is struggling to survive. Eli, played by Densel, is a righteous man on a mission to restore the world to how he remembers it, before the event. On his journey he runs into a power hungry tyrant (Gary Oldman)who is in search of "The Book". And if you know movies, you know when Gary Oldman plays the bad guy, its an awesome performance!

This movie has some surprises and twists, as Eli makes his way west, to the place that he is lead to by God. This movie takes you in, and you forget about how the world is now, and imagine yourself in the world created by the director.

If this scenario were to happen, we there would be one more chapter written in the Bible called eli. Forget about religion, its not the point of the movie. and oh yeah, the eye candy...


He who has the book, controls the faith of the world.


as you were. 

Last Wednesday I went out to the local sports bar and they were advertising fight night so since I dont have Satellite TV or Cable I went. i was expecting them to have UFC on the big screen and drink specials or something of this nature.. BUT NO! I walk in and see a ring in the middle of the pool tables!!! They actually moved some of the tables out and have local competitions in MMA!!!! Awesome right? 

So I had a blast, i took some pics and shot a few minutes of video on my phone and will try again later to upload the pics. something is preventing my upload from finishing.. the only problem i had is I showed up late and couldnt get close to the ring to watch, but i got to see the boxing and hand to hand combat, but when the guys hit the matt I wasnt able to see.

I will be going when ever possible in the future! 

I am drunkerededed, so hence the big fuckin font!

McDonalds sucks ass, they would not take plastic for drunken munchies! Bastids! why does one need cash only, at 2 am for a god damned burger and fries???





as you fucking were!

Correction, this movie is called Paranormal Entity

I just watched the movie, there was 2, count them, one, two, boob shots. woohoo, and a whole bunch of shaky hand held camera work, and a voice behind the camera. I guess it was supposed to be a frightning, adrenaline pumping experience...it was not. 

aside from the fact that the premise of the movie was interesting, the low budget "Demon" call Maron is a dark spirit who rapes women in their sleep. an Incubus, in christianity, has his eye on the daughter in a family that has experienced a death in the family, the father. In an attempt by the mother to communicate with her deceased husband, she conjured up this Maron and everyone but the boy behind the camera dies...until he is arrested for their murders and commits suicide.

In tribute to the film critics from the past, I give this film a big two thumbs down.


BUT, if you like Quarantine, Blair Witch project, and the one with the aliens...you might think this film is entertainment..


As you were.

I am bored, and this is a subject everyone can have fun with... so I looked up funny city names on google and what do ya know, theres a site dedicated to just this...

Funny city names from around the world...heres a few, some of which are well known already




1. Fucking (Austria)

2. French Lick (Indiana, USA)

3. Boring (Oregon, USA)

5. Dildo (Newfoundland, Canada)

6. Why (Arizona, USA)

I am bored, and this is a subject everyone can have fun with... so I looked up funny city names on google and what do ya know, theres a site dedicated to just this...

Funny city names from around the world...heres a few, some of which are well known already

7. Blowhard (Australia)

8. Fart (Virginia, USA)

9. Climax (Michigan, USA)

10. Truth Or Consequences (New Mexico, USA)

11.Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch (Wales). The translation of the name is ' St. Marys Church in the Hollow of the White Hazel Near to the Rapid Whirlpool of Llantysilio of the Red Cave'.

The name was given in the nineteenth century, when it was desired a development of the community and its transformation into a commercial and tourism center.

12. Big Bone Lick (USA)

13. Dwarf (Kentucky, USA)

14. Dead Chinaman (Papua New Guinea)

15. Assawoman (Virginia, USA)

16. Burning Well (Pennsylvania, USA)

17. Acme (West Virginia, USA)





I want to exchange 10 million Fubucks for a Boomerang... 




Dont make me have to get all NSFW and shit!



as you were...





Well the first session went well, and im happy with the results. Its a major improvement from what was done before. The girl has some skills, so I will return in another week or two to continue on the sleeve. she charges $100 per session, which is not too shabby! any ways, I have to figure out what to do with the empty spot there on my arm. My first thought was part of a mardi gras mask or the happy theater mask, BUT with that big Orb having a face, it may just be too busy...anyways this isnt really a blumm or anything, I just am thinking out loud, so to speak..


So if anyone has some suggestions let me know. Since most of you that may be reading this have some clue as to my personality you may come up with something i didnt think of already... I may also have some musical notes thrown in to fill in the space, or my sons names in an anagram or something like that


as you were

Yes, can you believe it? I am gonna get some ink tomorrpw and i didnt have to mumm about it...ZOMGS!!!! anyway, i met the girl whos gonna do it, and saw her work on some friends. shes going to finish and fix my half sleeve work. 

I got it started when i lived in Vegas 5 years ago and just never got around to getting it done because I was unconfident in the work done by the shop where i lived in CutOff... so in my ink and piercings folder, i have some pics of whats there already...and I will take some pics after she does me tomorrow. 

I am however undecided on if i should let her artistic flow do the fills between the actual shapes or give her instruction. shell be drawing on me and ill decide then i guess if i let her just do what she does.

she is however one big bull, and full of ink she did herself...she is talented  :D

I am excited


as you were!

I had fun, i think we got to the club a little too late, by the time we got there everyone was paired up and drunk, i bounced around on the dance floor for a while and the few womens i saw that I thought were hot, when i headed toward them dancing to feel out the situation... some dude would come around and make it visual they were "together".

Just my luck tho... it seemed to be a clique bar, its only the second time ive been there and its hard to tell whos who. There are a wide range of age there, everyone is isnt in their 20s.. and some really hot looking chics too.

The downside is the music is really fucking loud!

thats about it, I didnt get a chance to talk to anybody really... but I did see many eye candies!

as you were.

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