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Would you understand love

Would you not fall away

Would you give up

Would you fight to earn it

Would you run for it

Would you keep it alive

Would you teach me how

Would you see what inside of me

Would you be the sun in my life

Would you say I love you 2

Would you be wrong about it

Would you laugh with me

Would you hang out with me

Would you sleep in my arms

Would you see the sunrise with me

Would you walk at the beach with me

Would you change anything

Would you stay with me

Would you be in my life all the time

Would you travel with me

Would you dry my tears if I cry

Would you help me

Help me ,by staying in my life

And give me the kiss of love

And the breath in my soul

And the sight in my eyes

Would you be the music in my ears

Would you dance with me under the stars

Under the moonlight

Beside the lake

Would you be my mermaid

Would you just stay around…





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