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Jennie Angel's blog: "Wisdom Words "

created on 02/12/2013  |  http://fubar.com/wisdom-words/b352809

Everything Has A Beginning And A End - Life Is Just A Cycle Of Starts And Stops There Are Ends We Dont Desire But They Are Inevitable We Have To Face Them ♥

People Dont Come Into Your Life By Accident Everyone That Crosses Your Path Serves A Purpose

Never Get Tired Of Doing Little Things For Others ..... Sometimes Those Little Things Occupy The Biggest Parts Of Their Hearts ♥♥

Dont Take Anything Personally. Nothing Other's Do Is Because Of You... What Others Say And Do Is A Projection Of Their Own Reality, Their Own Dream..... When You Are Immune To The Opinons And Actions Of Others..... You Wont Be The Victim Of Needless Suffering...

If You Continue To Stay Stuck Your Past... And Never Try Anything New... You'll Never Grow As A Person.... Life Has So Much More To Offer.. Than You Think.... You Know... Allow Yourself To Keep Moving Forward.

Never Give Up.... Keep Moving Forward Change is Inevitable Your Ability To Adapt To Those Changes Makes You Successful... ♥

Sometimes Some Problems Can Only Be Solved If You Are Willing To Shut Your MouthAnd Learn How To Open Your Ears Heart And Head..... 

Its Never To Late To Be Who You Thought You'd Be 

Life is complicated. No book or manual can ever guarantee you a successful life. You live & learn, make the best decision possible and hope for the best.

Death Cannot Stop True Love... All It Can Do Is Delay It For Awhile 

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