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WhenI was 13 my mother in one of her drunken stupors revealed to me that the man I had grown up thinking was my father really wasn't.


I confronted her the next day when she was sober and she denied saying it. I have two other sisters and a brother whom I look NOTHING 


like. A few weeks ago my mother (whom I hardly have a relationship) sent me a message on FB telling me the man I thought could be my


father had died like 7 years ago from a brain tumor. This upset me greatly because I was very close to him, his wife and children. 


I have a photo of me and this man's son (whom I am a month older than) and we could pass for twins. My mother claims it's just  


because we always spent time together. I look more like him then my so called blood brother and sisters. My husband wrote my mother


a long email asking her to please let me know the truth because of my headaches and the man who could possibly be my father dying 


of a brain tumor. She denied it yet again. I expected a call from my "dad" asking about all this and haven't received one and it has 


been several weeks now. I still have the feeling deep down the deseaced man was and is my biological father. I don't want to drag his 


wife or sons into it unless I have no other options. I have done a little reasearch and found out I can do a sibling paternity test to find 


out if me and my brother and sisters have the same father. I'm just at a loss at what to do...I mean I NEED to know for health reasons


and because if he was my father I deserve to greive over his loss. Should I ask one of my siblings to do the DNA test or just leave


well wnough alone and live forever with these doubts and empty feeling?

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