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I know where i was that night Forty weeks before April Ninth, Making love to you in your bed, I remember where you were then A few months later love got greater, When we welcomed our son, I remember you there, We named him Sean Two years passed, We didnt last, Sean got older, We got colder, Winter came, and the sky turned blue Where were you? I moved today to get away Hardly speaking, We both were led astray And we both got lost along the way I'm here, Where are you? Two kids and to jobs I sustain Four months we cant communicate April Ninth again, You missed his birthday, Dammit, where are you? Your married with a step kid, Can't see what he did, That my son didn't do, To deserve you as a dad, When my son never had you, Where Are You? For potty training and barber shop appointments There is no cure or ointments For sickness and scrapes, When your dad is in another state, I do what I can do, But where are you? You will see him again, And you will talk as men, You will talk about our fights, And me leaving that night, Looking toward your son, Eyes bright, But don't be suprised, When the question arises With tears in his eyes, The question that ive been asking too... Where Were You?

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