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KrAzY KeN FMRLBF2 KrAzY BaRbIe's blog: "You know who"

created on 03/22/2020  |  http://fubar.com/you-know-who/b371803  |  2 followers

I just have to do my famous blogs cuz it makes me feel better when i know that my mind has been confused.  

This is probably gonna be the last time i speak of it. Time to Shit or get off the pot.. What happened.. a little stress or being confronted about things that concerned me got to you.. you didn't want to change how you were getting the attention. Or was it that everyone would of finally seen who you were with. yeah i think you have to understand i was always having your back and hoping for a change.. but obviously i was just that welcome mat. Whats gonna happen when i'm not there to pick up the pieces.. to help you out or listen to you.. are you then gonna realize you lost the best thing that ever came into your life..  I don't know why in the world i would have to be treated like i don't matter till its something you want.. i'm sorry the most i can ever give to you is my love and affection .. i can give you attention .. but at what cost? my heart should be enough.. fubar is one big game for those who want to have fun and chat and listen to great music, and to meet incredible people.. did i meet dr jeckle mr hyde.. i don't know i can't tell till i get the end result of being banned.. So who you gonna throw yourself at nextn beg for their attention.. i was giving you attention the best i can.. I think its time for you to realize that the only person that ever gave a damn about you is gonna be walking out the door with out you.. cuz i'm done feeling like i don't matter till you need something.. 

I hope you do read this .. pay close attention and understand where and why my feelings go here 

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