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I Was 18 yrs old I became a Military Wife Husband Drafted For Vietnam Just Married Oct Of 1967 ... Scared To Death Cried ... Got Divorced  June 1 1987 . Had 3 Amazing Son's I was Sitting On The Hallway Floor Listening To Chicago March 1988 ... There was a knock i answered it was my oldest son and a girl he was dating . He Said Mom I Have Something To Tell You  thoughts Ran Through My Mind Then He Said I Joined The Navy Gene & I Joined As a Buddy System ... I Was Happy I Was Scared Remembering He was The Same Age As His Dad When He Left . I Hugged Him I Said I'm Proud Of You For What You Want To Do . I went in sat on the floor and cried My First Born Is Leaving To Serve Our Country . I Seen Him Graduate OMG He Yelled Mom I Turned Their Stood My Son a Man Dressed In His Dress Uniform I Cried Happy Tears That May Day of 1988 . He Went To IRAQ Desert Storm All That ... They Went To Somalia They Helped a Village , Traveled around The World . He Made Sgt 8 yrs Navy Wanted Seals His Wife Denied Him That Dream . He Divorced . Then Decided To Go Army Special Ops . Here Again Tears & a Military Mom Again . I Love My Title I Love My Son Him And All Serving The Military No Matter WHat Branch They All Their Fighting To Keep Us Free Please Take a Min Forget Cookin On The Grill Or In The Kitchen Or on Vacation Stop Say a Prayer Thank A Soldier A Veternan Please Even Our POW's Even Ones We Lost Pray For All Please . Trust I Cry Alot I Want Them All To Come Home . Its Not a Easy Job I Don't Get Awards InkBoi Thank You So Much For The Comment You Gave Me Yesterday That Is So Very True Every Word Is Very True And Just Might Keep It Up As a Reminder . And My Friends God Bless You's For Dealing With My Status's When I Get Pissed And My Family God Bless You Thank Yous For Being In My Life My Job As a Military Mom Is Not Over I Have another Son Is Goin In The Service .. So Please For Me Stop and Thank Our Servicemen & Women Please God Bless My Men & Women Of The Arm Forces Thank You's All WIth Us And Pasted & Our POW's & Missing . Thank You Love Cherie' Brew 

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