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what love means to me ,,, it means when you fall in love with someone , that's the easy part 

it when you break up , the hard part is getting past the feeling of a broken heart , will you 

recover ? can you recover ? , if you recover , will you be the same ? or a better you , to me

love is understanding ,caring , communication no matter how bad the topic it's a ultimate 

feeling when you are in love with someone that feels exactly how you feel , it shouldn't be 

well you decide , or i am in charge because it almost never works people , trust is one of those

things , honestly is another . i don't know how it all works , but i do like that feeling knowing 

that being in love with someone i can say is my squeeze , like wise for her , how ever at the

moment i do not have anyone i can call that , i may never the female person i am searching for 

i like lots of peeps , but if i ask you for friendship , pls do not stab me in the back , i can be

a very cool guy to the people i like the most , i will be nice to everyone else until i get screw'd 

then all bets are off ! , getting back to love , i've only been in real full feeling love up to now 

maybe 3 times so , what love means to me is when you or the other person puts into it as much

as you do (equility) ! not accusing the other about doing stuff (without any proof) i do have a huge

heart to give out in different ways , i don't give trust easily , but i can will party with anyone , but

i also don't use the word love loosly , if i say ( i love you) it's because i mean it , not using because 

it is there , i could say , i love how you look , ( i love my metal) it's in the name !! i don't ask for

much , anyway these are my thoughts my peeps , MH4E CHEERS OOOOOOWAAAAHHHH!!!

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