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"Let's start with some assumptions: 1) 2.7M members. . . at least half, but probably more than half are male. subtract about 700K repeat profiles (myself included) and let's assume 1M male members. 2) Of the 1M men, 90% are unable to make it past hello with you, because the first words out of their mouths are something akin to this: Baby, you so fine, my cock would look so good inside. . . etc etc etc. 3) Of the 10% remaining. . . 100,000. 90% of those are at least bright enough to know that they have to make at least polite conversation before you give up the goods. But that's their sole motivating purpose. . . so once it's clear you aren't going to budge. . . they're gone. 4) Of the 10% of those remaining. . . 10,000. 90% of those, while bright enough to know that you aren't going to give it up without polite conversation. . . aren't interesting enough to you to give the time of day. 5) So you're looking for about 1,000 guys who can 1) be respectful, 2) mean it, 3) carry on a conversation AND. . . that you're attracted to, cause let's face it, hot chicks don't need to share with guys to whom they are not attracted. Stop asking questions to which you already know the answers." ------------------------------------------ First of all, your numbers are high...not that many guys do it for me...lol. 1000? first, 90% of the guys can't be respectful AND mean it...so that's 100. Next, to be respectful, mean it, AND be attractive to me...another 90%...so now we're down to 10. I'm a picky bitch, aren't I?
Ok, so I'm not writing anything groundbreaking here...but... Let me ask the guys a question. And by that, I am not addressing the cool guys here (the two or three) I am addressing the multitudes, the masses, the ad nauseum of infinitum of homo habilis who just barely made it into stone tools yet somehow navigates the internet. What exactly possesses you to act like the troglodytes that you do? Is there some encoding in your brain that strips you of the ability to see a woman as an equal, a near-equal, an anywhere-in-the-ballpark equal? Where was it written that a woman owes you her dedication and service to perform for you, to show of herself for you, to bow and pay homage to your every request? And I don't mean in a committed marriage/relationship or anything...I mean "Hey, we just met, this is my first message to you...can I see your nudie pics now?" Ok..so I get it...you're all bulked up on the testosterone inflamed by looking at all the girls who do reveal themselves. Fine, whatever. You grunt, you scratch, you are communing with your spiritual neanderthal...I get it. So then why do you act like spoiled 3-year olds when we tell you 'no'? Where is that machismo you are supposedly drowning in? Where is your gutteral roar? Instead, you become little rat-nosed dweebs who beg, whine, and cry to get a peek of the same thing you've seen a million times all over the internet. And don't pretend like I am any different. What is my favorite color? What movies do I like? Hell, most of you couldn't even tell me my eye color without going back and trying to find a close up. It's ok, I never assumed I matter. I am not that big of an egotist. But I also thought in order to be on this site to begin with, you had to have gone through puberty. I've been wrong before. Have a splendid day.
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