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LadyIce's blog: "LADY ICE"

created on 10/03/2006  |  http://fubar.com/lady-ice/b9852
1. Good sex will make you stop what you are doing and make you change your plans. 2. Good sex will make you do shit you swore you never do. 3. What's good sex? It weather rain, sunshine, winter, summer or fall you gone get there on time in ah drop of ah dime when you receive that call. 4. Good sex is the only time you can beat ah girl pussy black and blue in dat minute you are done she turn to you and say she loves you. 5. What's good sex? Shit its when you to are done and you just lie in da wet spot and think about da further. 6. Good sex will make ah brotha feel good for weeks and his head and mind weak. 7. Good sex will make ah woman's legs shack raddled and shrivel from what you did to her. 8. Good sex will make you say shit you don't mean but Damn, it sounded good at that time. 9. Good sex will make ah ungodly man praise GOD all through da night. 10. What's good sex? It's the only time you don't give ah fuck if the person is white, red, purple, green, blue or black, skin or fat shit all you know is that muthafucker is good wit dat. 11. What's good sex? It's when you have sex wit da light turned on so you can eye witness it for yourself. 12. Good sex is when u go out of your way to please the one you fuck'n wit. 13. Good sex will make ah bad day turn good. 14. Good sex will make you wait and sit by the phone and hope dat shit rings so you know that person is home so you can get it on. 15. What's good sex? Its will make u feel like ah king or Queen of his or her thrown. 16. Good sex is scratch on your back bits marks on your shoulder hikes on yo neck or breast. 17. What's good sex? It's when you run out of juice and you go get the Vaseline so you can finish things. 18. What's good sex? It does not want to say good-day or good-night cuz dat person just fucked you right. 19. What's good sex? Will shit you should know its more than just one position and if you didn't know u better start pay'n more attention. 20. Good sex will cloud your judgment and have you thinking this muthafuck has to be the one.
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