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WHAT DREAMS MAY BECOME REAL OR NOT One dark cold night as I walked through the town the moon was full, the wind was stirring so u could feel the crispness against your cheek. Was a very quiet neighborhood could not hear anything only the trees rustling against the wind. At this very moment I came across a real creepy house it looked dam huge and with the moon shining about gave off shadows against the bricks which gave me the shivers as I went by it, not one light was on in the house and was very still and yet seemed like no life was ever in there. Suddenly I heard a scream it came at me all at once my heart was pounding so fast and so hard it felt like it could come out my throat and if anyone was by me u could hear the banging against my chest. I turned around and looked around, saw nothing except remember when I said not one light was on in house well surprise, there was one way up at the top and it had a eerie glow to it not like your usual house light. Well this is where one would think I’d leave and not turn back but for some unknown reason apart of me was saying self go check it out what harm would it do other part was saying self are u a complete idiot run for your life what the hell is wrong with you. Well I decided to be that idiot just to see if everything was okay then I’d leave. Right, that’s what I thought I guess one day I’ll look on this as one a learning experience , two may laugh, Maybe! While I was turning back to the creepy house I felt this I don’t know, like strange presence, like someone watching every move I make how I breath, shit maybe even smell my body odors because I’m sweating like a banshee at this point I know I had put deodorant on but, you know they don’t last when one decides to be an idiot. So I’m now proceeding to the lawn and moving my way to this bush to take cover incase what ever whom ever was still inside the house would not see me lurking about. At this point my heart is still beating hard ,fast like there is no tomorrow. My breathing is so fast I can’t even catch it, and the inside of my body is shaking like I’m cold ,but I’m not I’m scared shitless. I begin my walk slowly and apprehensively to the house and when I get to the door I noticed it was some what opened, I begin to wonder how this could be since it was matter of minutes from time I was walking by to the screaming I had heard was no way I dint see no one come out or go in for that matter. It was time to go inside and stop letting my mind wonder probably was nothing and I’m just letting my imagination get the better of me. I go inside the house very cautiously and slowly ready for I don’t know what and I move in what seemed to me like a foyer and I pear around the corner into I guess was a living room type thing , happened to notice a lot of strange antiques some with beady looking eyes some with looked like blood coming out their mouths . Wow! what fangs they had I was astonished to see all these gruesome antiques, began to wonder who in their right mind would want to possess any such thing. Now that I’ve moved on and slowly moving down the hall way I come across the kitchen where this room looked like a tornado hit it. There was nothing left unturned everything all over food all over floor, plates, glass shattered every where and then leave it to me , to spot blood all over the sink and on the floor. I looked all over wondering where this could be coming from. There it was in middle of the ceiling was a huge round circular mass of blood going along the ceiling to right above the sink and there it drips. I looked in bewilderment wonder how the hell was this possible, nothing could make all of this horrid mess I mean It’s not like its gushing like a water fall or anything, but if one saw it for first time would think just like that. I left the kitchen an proceeded down the hall way I come to this open area and ahead of me was a long winding stair case this I presume will take me to the room with the light so I get to the stairs and up I go up. As I get to the top I see down the hall this door and just beneath it is that glowing light I saw earlier. I slowly start for the door as I’m moving for some strange reason the hall way seems to get longer and narrower. I look dead ahead and the door gets farther away like I know I’m moving forward but feels like I’m on an escalator moving back words , this is ridiculous I begin to think I’m in the twilight zone . All can do is just sigh and keep trudging forward which I do then to my surprise and it was just that my legs felt stiff my feet felt like led and I couldn’t move them I look down and would you believe that there was mud deep to my shins, no cause honestly I was dumfounded and yes, my heart pumping faster than before. I just keep moving forward more persistent now than ever and once I finally reach the door I grab hold of the door knob and this electrifying jolt just surged through my had to my arm to the right side of my body paralyzing me and giving me such a jolt that lunged back words oh, say maybe a foot but felt like and I kid you not 20 ft man I was nothing but stunned after that when I came to I shook my self off and got up dizzy like but I was okay then once again noticed I was so far away from the door so, do you think that at this point that I would hightail back words and run like hell, no! not me I’ve always got to be the most persistent , curious, and well helpful usually plays well in this story. Now what I decided to do was run for the door no matter what I gave it all I had and would you believe that I went too fast and got up to the door twisted the door knob for what ever reason I felt like a push and I flew into the room landed on the floor next to a huge bed. I raised my self a bit and as I did I noticed a dead body at the end of the bed on the floor it was gruesome, you never seen anything quite like it was bloody, tore up at the neck and eyes were bulging out of the sockets. I was sick to my stomach heart was already going to come out my throat I just stared at it in shock. Then when I thought the worst was over well it was not suddenly the body that was right there in front of me disappeared, not quite like in thin air it was like sucked under the bed like a vacuum was under there. I’m telling you this does not get any better only gets worse and here I stand paralyzed ,can’t move for shit and something or someone is under the bed devouring this body for it’s feeding . The most disgusting sound you could imagine the bones grinding , the gushy sound of flesh being ripped off and the swishing of what ever this thing was mouth ewe the most horrifying thing to hear in your life. I had to do something I felt if I stayed a little more I would be this things desert. No way! Not me I tried to come to my senses and turned for the door as I make my move this whatumacallit was at other side of bed it stood to be 7 ft , red beady eyes , fangs that were longer than my god toe nails maybe longer, and his body was so hairy, yet I never seen anything quite like it in my life not even in horror movies. I just desided this ws no social call and he looked hungry, so on that note it was time for me to do what II should have long time ago run. So I darted for the door an II actually moved quick like paces cause this thing was huge ,big and strong. I I’m now in hall way expecting it do its fun house shit but to my amazement it did not nope. Instead I get to the stairs and I started down the thing right behind me and the stairs started to get like big little steps then at one quick motion the blended together and formed a slide now this was on my side and I slide all the way down to bottom, got up and ran down hall way passing the kitchen into foyer then out the door this thing meanwhile for what ever reason was fast I could understand I mean I was running with all my might and it was right there ever second. I turned and wouldn’t u know this dammed thing had wings I figured this was a demon like monster and a hairy one at that, probably need a dentist while it was at it , while I was thinking and running my ass off I think this might have been a date from hell because if it wasn’t I really couldn’t figure out what in gods name I deserved to be chased by the most gruesome demon of the night. Oh! Yah must be my idiot self yes that is what it was. I’ve figured I ran four or five blocks by now and ran across the street into some ones yard and jumped a few fences and took a look behind me and I could not see it I took off for the streets again and as I got to corner what do I see in front of me yes you are correct the wild thing my date from hell. As I tried to turn around the thing grabbed hold of me strong mother fucker too I must say. It lifted me clear off the ground in one swift motion and I look dead into its eyes and it glowed bright red, its fangs seemed more sharp then back in the room and I closed my eyes said my prayers and felt a lick of a tong when I opened my eyes my dog was on top of me licking my face. Generally , I would be upset that my dog was on my bed but all I could do was hug him I was drenched with sweat, my hands were shaking, and yes my hart was pounding. I got up to go feed my dog then went out the door to get my daily paper I wondered how a dream could feel so real . Was it real or was it not as I got up I looked across the street and saw the sun coming up and just as I was going to turn around and go inside my eyes caught sight of a bush and it glowed red when u looked through it u could see eyes red beady eyes. I was so scared so shocked again my heart began to pound instantly. As I was going to dart for my house the thing got up and I saw it and well Iran as fast as I could not stopping for one second till I got into the house closed the door and looked out the window and the thing was gone . Well so now u have it was this a dream or was it real.
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