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Secretlovers's blog: "Ramblings"

created on 07/11/2010  |  http://fubar.com/ramblings/b334278

Ok i just woke up from a really weird dream.


 First I was living at my parents, driving my brothers red dodge pick up truck with a tall dark haired man that ive know for ever but i dont know who he was...


he asked me why i was going the back way home and i told him this is the way i always go...(which it is not) I get to my parent house and the next door neighbor which was this man that was in the truck with me ( who when i turned around in the truck to look at was not there anymore) was walking out of his house. Talking to me about going to the beach, and as soon as he said that water started rising from the ditches in front of our houses causing it to flood our homes.


So me and this face less guy went and looked for a place to stay we found a house, which would be right where the interstate crosses over Mansfield Rd...where the funeral home centeries is (but was not there) While we are there i find out that this house We were in was left to me by my Aunt Joy (which in real life died when i was 2 and her daughter Kristi is my cousin and we are the same age) everyone in my family thought that Aunt Joy died along time ago but while im at this house they tell me she is alive and had just recently went into a comma, Kristi finds out We rush to the hospital but on the way there I get a phone call telling me that they were shutting off the life support, so we go faster to try and stop them but we could never find the hospital...We get back to this house where this older man had been using part of the house as his shop with concrete slab and a refridgerator and cabniets but he was a barber. Then he tells us he want us to have the house or sell it because the concrete slab had a casket under it and was told that it was rising and eventually would break through the concrete slab...


So me and this dark haired man decide to take it...i fall asleep in the living room of this house but am awakened when i hear the door creaking to the room with the concrete slab and the door kept swinging back and forth so  i get scared and yell at the door to GO TO BED!! and the door slams


I jump up and all of the sudden this house turns in to my nannys old house...i run down the hall where this friend, the man thats been with me is, i jump into the bed with him and wake him up and tell him what had happened while we are lying there he tells me to be quite and look at the door to the room he and I were in and it starts doing the same thing...so we jump up scared out of our minds..he leads me down the hallway with him and we go to the room with the concrete slab and open the door only to find that the casket had risin to the top and had opened.


So we walk up to it and look in it...When all of a sudden the casket falls over and My Nanny and a little girl walk out of it and say we were wondering when you were coming home........


This freaked me out enought to wake me up THANK GOD! and im still scared lol

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