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I wrote this after being called a heartless killer, just because I did my service to my country. People who have no idea the cost to our military personnel.


A Soldiers Thoughts

When first I stooped to kill

the figure so far away

A stick upon the hill

My aim ne'er went astray


When next it was my job

to end a persons time

T'was done with not a sob

Just another peg on a line


But what when you see

look straight into their eyes

can it really be?

I must terminate their sighs?


To feel the blade go in

turn, twist and then withdraw

why felt it such a sin

against some unknown law


down my cheek ran a tear

so I could barely see

I knew it must be done

was either him or me


Will I always remember?

can I not forget

the pain of that september

Start of my lifetime debt


was there any choice?

could I have shouted no?

I could not use my voice

I could not be that slow


Is there no regret?

A wish it hadnt been?

Oh yes but dont you fret

It wasn't even seen.


If I could make a bid?

would I do encore?

yes, for so I did 

yes I would for sure.


My homeland must be free

I do what i must do

cannot the moaners see

For me, for all, For you


Yes for our freedom

yes for my kids life

no to devils serfdom

no to evils strife.


I do what my father did

His father before him too

I cannot stand and be hid

Peace must start anew

Caelwyn  February 2007Copyright Retained

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