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waiting for the world to disappear I'm sickened by the wickedness of the devout Filling innocence with immoral fear If I close my eyes and dream f the world thta used to be All this bullshit disappears Losing faith in thpose that lead on Losing faith of what they make them see as real Yet the blind will surely follow Path of suffering wounds that never heal Walking along against the current Condemned for walking along a different path Left alone within the masses Unafraid of their feeble wrath All of them will disappear I long to remove the veil from their eyes Remove the line from the sands of truth and lies To save them all from false salvation To lead the masses from these blasted lands and bloodstained skies And unite them under one true nation But for now I walk quite Through the endless deserts seeking the secrets of this plain Bringing in thpose who have broken their chains of ignorance Setting free the minds of those who are willing to see Hoping once more for the world that used to be Now watch closely my bretheren Watch the devout fall into damnation and misery They have chosen they've followed Watch them slowly disappear Watch their world disappear
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