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34 Year Old · From Gallatin, TN · Joined on September 11, 2006 · Born on February 8th
34 Year Old · From Gallatin, TN · Joined on September 11, 2006 · Born on February 8th

Im rachel. most call me lucky. 02/08/87. i lay my head in nashville.intelligent, heavy thinker, opinionated, blunt, emotional, moody, level, wanted,classy, trendy, single, sneaky, misunderstood, freshh', hated, fucking smartass.A friend, daughter, writer, Weedhead, equestrian rider, lover, college student.makeup is my art, im a sucker for braids, the small things in life matter the most,i believe love will find me this time around, i was born a yankee, i love hip-hop,my dad chose her over me, i finally got over him, im addicted to money, i havenever given up, im hard-headed and ill be the first to admit it, i struggle daily.I have made many mistakes in life, therefore i have a past and its hard,not to look back. Im not your typical white girl, dont treat me like one.My game is smooth, and im ahead of yours.i define complex. i am beautyim a cocky bitch. leave the drama at the door, i have enough in my life. No you cannot have my contacts. Im not mean, i just have standards. you can find me posted.

34 Year Old · From Gallatin, TN · Joined on September 11, 2006 · Born on February 8th
MY backyard... Butterflys •The sand between my toes•Rainy nights• Fast cars and bikes• Animals•.Summer time •Sluts • Text messages•My friends •Blunts•Watching old movies in my p.j.'s•Shopping • Fake nails•Music• PINK! • Rich people • Paris• Style • Clubs • Romance • Thin • Bubble baths • The spa • Hot tubs• Boy-shorts• MY HATERS! =) JEalous Girls • Shaggy hair• Braids •Shiny teeth• Slim guys•Full lips•Late night phone calls• Soft kisses Cuddling•Biting bottom lips•Guys who smell good• Teasing • Badboys . • Basketball players• Confidence• oil-massages•Gentle touches•Army men •spanking• Tounge and belly rings • hats• makeup • lipgloss •
im into a little bit of everything. what can i say im open minded!

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