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Volunteer Coding Program

Greetings and thank-you for your interest in the Volunteer Coding Program. This program is designed to help prospective Volunteer Coders help other members code different areas around Fubar.com (such as Lounges, Profile Skins, Album Skins and Bulletins) as well as set up relations between the Volunteer Coders and the Bouncers that help maintain this glorious website.

This blog will be setup with two areas:

  1. Volunteer Rules
  2. Volunteer Guidelines

The reason for these sections is to help the prospective Volunteer Coder better understand what they will be doing and give some insight into the different Rules and Regulations that must be maintained to keep one self out of any trouble.

Volunteer Rules

This section will give the Volunteer Coder a better understanding of what rules they will need to adhere to when they are rendering their services to other members.

  1. Must be a member of Fubar.com for no shorter than 2 Years (NO EXCEPTIONS),
  2. Must have at least 1 Verified Salute,
  3. Must be drama free and not have any bad run-ins with any Admin or Fubar Bouncers for a period of 2 Years,
  4. You must send priv_msg Stevens a Private Message with the following information:
    * A presentation of the area you wish to be added to
    • Lounge Coders need to show an example of a lounge,
    • Bulletin Coders need to show an example of a coded Bulletin,
    • Profile Coders need to show an example of a coded "Profile Skin",
    • Album Coders need to show an example of a coded "Album Skin".

    * Copy the information below and fill it out to the best of your ability:

    Username: ____________________

    Userid#: ____________________

    Link to image you wish to use:
  5. Must read the blog titled (How To) Displaying Content in its entirety to understand the complete difference between
    What is Safe For Work (SFW) and What is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)
  6. Must adhere to the sections Lounge Room Rules and Lounge Cam sections within the blog titled How To Displaying Content
  7. Must not start or instigate any dispute between yourself and a member your helping or with the area your helping them in (ex. Lounges)
  8. Must read the Guidelines below and adhere to them to the best of your ability
Volunteer Guidelines

This section will give the Volunteer Coder the guidelines that they are expected to follow to the best of their abilities.

Volunteer Coders should use this section more as a guide when dealing with different members during different situations.

If a Volunteer Coder ever has a question they can either ask a fellow Volunteer Coder or they can send a private message to priv_msg Stevens and he will answer that Volunteer Coder to the best of his abilities.

  1. General knowledge of what CSS or HTML is and how Fubar implements them into different pages
    (ie. Lounges, Profile Skins, Album Skins or Bulletins).
  2. A Volunteer Coder should ALWAYS be respectful to any member they come in contact with. If any Volunteer Coder is found to be negligent with the above statement that Volunteer Coder may be removed from the Coders Blog and may not be accepted back into the Volunteer Coding Program.
  3. All Volunteer Coders & the sections they code must abide by all of Fubar's Rules and must always stay in compliance with the TOS (Terms Of Service) and NSFW Rules.
    Any deviation may result in removal and non-re-acceptance into the Volunteer Coding Program.
  4. Volunteer Coders may receive gifts and other amenities by the Owner, Staff Member or Member they are dealing with. However a Volunteer Coder is just that (A Volunteer) which means no begging or forcing a member to pay you for services that you render. Any Volunteer Coder that has abused this guideline will be removed from the list and has the potential to not be re accepted into the Volunteer Coding Program.
  5. All Volunteer Coders must acknowledge that anything they put on Fubar.com's server (with exception to images) will become (in concordance to the TOS) the property of fubar.com (exceptions to this guidelines are Cams or Music Players).
  6. Your main role as a Volunteer Coder is to help assist Owners, Staff Members or Members who need help with coding the sections you are entitled to code and all Volunteer Coders are encouraged to have FUN.
  7. Any Volunteer Coder that is attacked or called out is asked to not retaliate in ANY Way, Shape or Form. Volunteers in this position should immediately stop ANY & ALL correspondence with that member & and send a report of what happened along with the member's profile URL to priv_msg Stevens or to any Fubar Bouncer.
    If the incident has been chosen to investigate & a study has found that any Volunteer Coder was instigating any problem that Volunteer Coder may be relieved from the Volunteer Coding Program w/out any possibility of returning.
  8. Volunteer Coders should always be courteous & diplomatic when dealing with any & all Fubar members, even if that member is hostile/rude. If any reports come in of this not happening that Volunteer Coder will be giving One Warning, after that warning if the Volunteer Coder continues to cause a problem that Volunteer Coder may be relieved from the Volunteer Coding Program w/out any possibility of being re-accepted.

The "Volunteer Coding Program" operates within the standards that are in place.

(Which means each Volunteer Coder is to have FUN)

Volunteer Coders will be reminded that if they violate any portion of Fubar's TOS (Terms Of Service)or any of the "Guidelines" above that Volunteer Coder may be relieved from the Volunteer Coding Program w/out any possibility of returning.

If after reading this blog you are still interested.

Please follow the statement above and send a private message to priv_msg Stevens

He will answer any question(s) you have.

Copyright© Volunteer Blog ~ All Rights Reserved
Updated Blog: 09/17/2018 - 01:00 EST
Blog Written by: Stevens
Volunteer Coders

This blog will hold the members who Volunteer their precious time
to help Code Lounges, Profile Skins & Bulletins.

These members are Volunteers and are not official Fubar Staff.

Fubar is not responsible for the accuracy, quality or training of these members.

If you are in need of their services, send them a Private Message
from their profile and Be Patient until they can answer your message.


Volunteer Coder List
(Go ahead and talk to them...they won't bite!)

Color References
LS --> Lounge SkinnerBS --> Bulletin SkinnerPS --> Profile Skinner

If you provide coding services and would like to be added to this list,
have suggestions to improve this list or add other categories,
please send Stevens a private message
with the areas you specialize in to be added.

If you are added and it is found you are charging for coding,
you will be removed from this blog immediately.

© This blog is subject to change at any given time

© This blog does have a copyright notice and cannot be copied unless given permission by its owner

Any Volunteer wishing to have their pic changed needs link a new image in a private message to Stevens.

All photos must be stationary (jpg) and must be uploaded to Fubar.com


Please Note: Volunteer coders do not expect to get paid for their services. If they help you it is because they want to and have dedicated their time to help. Please don't come to any Bouncer or Staff member telling them about how a volunteer coder stole your codes or any other related Drama. Once a code hits Fubar's server it is property of Fubar.com. The volunteer coders have been told it is best to code your lounge and when they are done to Unsubscribe (up to the coder). Any interactions you have with the volunteer coders are up to you (we are grown People use your head). If a coder is harassing, charging (they can accept gifts from the giftshop or blingshop), if they go into settings and remove / destroy the code without notice, if they delete images used to code the lounge / skin with or if they are rude to you or your staff send a fully detailed message to Stevens and he will follow up with any pertinent information and make a judgment call. Stevens will look into every offense that is reported. Also know some volunteers do not like to use pre-existing code, if you do not want the code to be removed please let them know before he/she enters the lounges settings.

Copyright© Volunteer_Blog™ ~ All Rights Reserved

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Blog Designed & Moderated by: Stevens

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