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Veteran's day!!!!-I worte it
created @ 11/12/2007 12:01 pm
mum expired. [FRIENDS]
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HOw to thank a troop, soldier, or whatever= — Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I get sick of people telling me thankyou. Chances are, I'm not doing what I'm doing for them anyway. It's a good probability that I don't even like the people who are thanking me. Half the time I regret doing what I'm doing because it's also helping so many of the poeple I don't like out. But ohwell. If you want to thank troops, remember, actions speak louder than words. Yah, I'm an ungreatfull bastard, I'm ungreatfull of other people's greatfullness. If you are really greatfull, DO something for me, don't come up and bother me, and tell me thankyou. Do what, I don't know depends on the day. If you come up and ask me what you can do, I'm sure I'll be able to think of something, and I'll even forgive you for bothering me by doing that. But otherwise, if you see me in uniform, and all you talk to me just to say thankyou, fuck off.

1- buy them a drink

2- buy them some food

3- show them your tits ( unless your tits are ugly )

4- sleep with them ( and/or have sex with them )

5- give them a job ( Employment. Pay them money for work. Maybe even pay them to have sex with you? )

6- vote for the guy who is for giving them their freedom

7- write your congressman and remind them that our troops deserve newer equipment

8- expose military corruption, and do something to punish those people who take part in it

9- Don't vote for the people who take away the freedoms they have fought for

10- give them discounts on stuff

11- help them out when they need it ( whatever trouble they may be in )

12- discourage making fun of them for their mental problems

13- give them a break, they sometimes have issues you can't possibly understand

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