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Vampyres, vampires, nosferatu, the undead . . . Humans raised from the dead to spend eternity in constant quest of ruby-red, warm blood. Human blood is food of choice, but animal blood will temper their hunger. They are neither fallen angels nor demons sent by Satan to temp or corrupt. They can be evil, but the evil they do is their own. But first, on earth as vampyre sent, Thy corpse shall from its tomb be rent: Then ghastly haunt they native place, And suck the blood of all thy race; There from they daughter, sister, wife, At midnight drain the stream of life . . . Wet with thine own best blood shall drip Thy gnashing tooth and haggard lip; Then stalking to thy sullen grave Go - and with the ghouls and afreets rave, Till these in horror shrink away From specter more accursed than they! by Lord Byron from The Giaour (1813) My thanks goes out to the alt.vampyres newsgroup (web site located at http://www.altvampyres.com/) for the information provided by the members and their FAQ, but most especially to BJ Kuehl for providing much needed information whenever it was requested. Without this newsgroup, this page would have been even more difficult to build. Thank you one and all. Contents (Click on a heading to move to that topic) A Taste for Blood The Making of a Vampyre The Vampyre's Kiss Types of Vampyres Vampyre Powers Vampyre Perils To Kill a Vampyre Vampyres Through Time A Taste for Blood Both the Vampyre (a human being raised from the grave) and the Werewolf (a man or woman transformed into a wolf) have much in common. They are both made of mortal stuff; they are not fallen angles nor are they demons sent by Satan to tempt or corrupt. Both display a supernatural strength and agility, as well as share the ability to "shape-shift", i.e. change their shape at will. Further, both use their well-developed incisors in the never ending quest of the same nourishment -- hot, pulsing and deep red human blood. However, while the vampyre needs blood to survive, draining his victims so that he might live; the werewolf is both cannibal and carnivore, relishing in the hunt itself and then reveling in the blood and flesh of his victims. According to some occult lore, the werewolf, on his death becomes a vampyre -- an interesting graduation, don't you think? Be that as it may, the vampyre and the werewolf have traveled through the myths of history trailing death and destruction forever burning their footprints into the blood they have spilled over the centuries. In both occult history and folklore, the oldest vampyre figures were female, from the Greek Lamiai to the Malaysian Langsuyar and the Jewish Lilith. In addition, there were many female "vampyre like" creatures that were prominent in the lore of polytheistic cultures. Kali, the dark goddess of India was such a figure as were the witch/vampyres of West Africa. Closely related to the female vampyres were figures such as the Incubus or Succubus and the Mara. None of these entities were vampyres, though each behaved in ways reminiscent of vampyres -- attacking their male or female victims in the night and leaving them distraught and exhausted in the morning. However, as the centuries passed, it was the male vampyre that captivated the majority of cultures. Castle Dracula
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