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Vengeful Angel's blog: "Up Date"

created on 03/19/2008  |  http://fubar.com/up-date/b199674
Am sry for hurting and saying stuff to my ex about u. I was trying to get her back am for the am sry but am done with her and her lies. I got someone who like me for me and might give me chacn but we are taking thing slowly. I will not say who she is bc i don't crystal or anyone who hate me ruin a good thing. What said on yahoo with u i meant it and i thought u meant to. I think if want to have friendship the let have one but not staping each other in the back. i just want friend with heart and soul lie i think u have.
Today try to go friend page and found out was blocked never did anything to her. Then I went to auction see if won anyone and come to fine out i was back door. The host told this person to bid same as me and let her win her instead of me. Then top off i went to this guy page never knew or did anything to expct bid and got ban from there. what am doing worng? does any care or even want me on the site anymore i will leave if that what yaw want
Yesturday my tire comptly flat and my spear was down too. just right now seem everything can go worng has. then thought friend ceard but she did't. now am getting ban by friends i have not done anything to, does anyone care abiyt me and to be friends
what every you don't trust this person NJExoticDiva77 ¢¾{Liquid owner} ¢¾s Infernal_Ha¢Óe¢¾ she is 2 face and liear and player and biggest user since got ride off ther to liar Kasy and Nicci. Them 3 are the biggest hearst person there is
What is worng with me being happy? Why can't be happy? I love someone who don't want me sometimes. Is there anyone out there who read my blog can help me give sb. Anyone fu single hite me up. Am done with her and need to move on
At work today think might found someone. She been hurt by her ex who hite her and everything. She is married but she separted. SHe has son. SHe love to cuddle. She beatiful and she like me. we are metting tomrrow and movie date friday. i keep yaw posted. I real hop it works out. cross ur finger
http://www.fubar.com/user/1102219 http://www.fubar.com/user/1340351 I am happy that you guys got each other But you have no right stabbing me in the back. Kasey used to leave me comments when she wasnt with Nicci But now they are back I dont get any. Hell I rated them and everything and got nothing but occasionally rates. Kasey mainly did it. But oh well. I am tired of liars and players and users. I really wish people would do what they say and promise, Does anyones wordmean anything anymore? There are some people that do to a certain extence. As long as she fits or it fits them.
http://fubar.com/user/1592440 What every u don't bid on her. She a liar and cheat. Her word meaning anything. So far owen people suck. Beside one person Hotmama. The reat sucked. Atlest i keep my word. unlike the other.
Tomrrow i got back to work with week off. Cool i need the money real bad. Bills are comeing through and everything Sun Com about to shut off. My storage is about to but on the street my car up for renewl. So need the money real bad. My knee is doing better it hurt every now and then. I go to psycal thryp on 19 and the doc 22. I got to do 12 session. But that all wont matter. There chance tomrrow going to be bad day anyways
I don't understand why people ask me for help on bombing them or bidding on them. But when comes time to help me by bombing me or bidding on there no where around. There are people who do help me out and I want to say thank them. But do you think i am being used? what would you do in my shoes?
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