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Okies here is the deal, im going to have a contest coming up Friday April 4th. Its going to be a contest with 4 places....yes i said the top 4 people will win something!!! It's a comment contest and will be for the wackiest/sexiest salute to me. So I Need as many entrants as possible people!!! First place: choice of either 30 day blast or 3 month VIP Second place: will recieve choice of 30 day VIP or 7 day Blast Third: will recieve choice of 3 day blast or Bling pack Fourth: will recieve 50,000 Bux So Ladies, get the creative juices flowing and come up with something sexy for me. Fellas...think of something wacky. For all interested in entering into this contest let me know by E-mailing me: God_Moros@hotmail.com
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