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BRITBABY's blog: "~This & That~"

created on 04/04/2020  |  http://fubar.com/this-that/b371823

This is so true... Especially when it's someone who has suffered a terrible loss of a loved one...But there is another side to this.... When you love someone so much, but they have to be like this to be ok ... Always on the go and staying away from you.. Not because of who you are... But because they need that space .....  It's hard for you to have to sit there and feel like your never going to be good enough no matter how hard you try To help...because they run back to this habit of life and can never feel content and safe with you.... Even though for you giving up is not an option because you care for them so deeply and can't imagine a life without them...You will always feel like your loving someone with all your heart who may never truly ever be able to love you back..... And it's not their fault.... But it will  Leave you feeling like you have failed as a partner... Because you can't seam to break that cycle for them to help them.... And give them what they want and need in life to make them ok and at peace inside and happy....     Both sides lose in this situation.... Especially if the feelings at one time between both of you were amazing and made you feel alive and whole like nothing you have ever felt or been in before at the start... To watch it unfold in front of you and to you is devastating.... Breaking your heart, mind and soul into pieces all at once...      Honestly i do not think you can ever help someone who doesn't want to help themselves or at least reach out for help when they see that they can't do it alone... Sadly this truth doesn't come out till it's way to late and you are totally in love and devoted to this person.. You never want to give up... Not just for them.. But for yourself... Because your feelings are so strong and so deep.You feel like you cut your own heart and soul out by reluctantly turning your back walking away.... Because a happy life with them is all you ever really truly ever wanted...

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