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OK this is it,See back in February 28th 2009 ok My husband decided to get up and go on the computer ok well i was watching Steve Wilkos show(he is from Jerry Springer show) well anyways see now it is this see i was watching the show and all then my husband has asked me what was so funny so i told him that there was something on steve wilkos show well then that was when he decided to go on the computer at 2:30am so he wanted to download this game called Slingo and i said please i don't want to down load nothing on there well he did anyways well just then i got mad and pulled out the plug out from the wall, well after that i had left i heard this thug well just then i had put down the screen on the computer, well i told him to stop it well just then he had the speakerin his hand too and her laughted at me for me, so i told him to stop that too,,Well just then he went to watch tv,I said since you messed up the computer then your not watching mty cable i know that 2 wrongs don't make a right, but any ways he had left then the 2ed night he came here then he said that he was getting more clothes well i tried to stop him and so i guess he had the law comming too, so needless to say that here i am by my self and all my son is not even here and i want to work this out, could some one out there please help me on this?? I have been depressed for about close to 3 weeks now, plus right now my husband is at his sister's house just like 10 minuntes away but she is 36yrs old and i sure don't need her but in the middle of this, and she is making it a lot worse too, so could some one please tell me what i can do to help so that i can have him just come home this is all wrong and i do love him for the bottom of my heart too, and now all i do is sit at home and cry cry cry I need help all?thanks.
you know i don't get it any more i think this is the last thing i could ever see again, you know i could not believe that my husband wanted to sleep in my son's room and get this and he says he don't want to sleep with me and you know why he said that because i have some kind of dease well guess what hell that is not funny and i am just tired of the crap, i guess i just minds as well as die and hell with everyone and i know that no one really cares so why be on this earth any ways.
why is it that i have my husband and that he does not want to listen to me to know what i have to say and he would rather go and listen to my 17yr old then me and i think that is very very low,See if there are others out there that want to help me out on this, this would be great.I would like to find as many answers as possible if i can, also see my husband all he wants to do is call me names and all that too,i also have a son that treats me like a dog as well, and i really need some advise from this as well, so if others could please help me out this, this would be great, and one name that my husband calls me is bypoller and i know that i am not a bypoler at all, he wants to do things for my son and stuff like that and it has to be responsablety and i have tried to tell my husband let him take care of his dog and he wont,So again i need some advice on this as well, i am trying to put my foot down but they don't listen to me at all.
hello everyone out there, if you was on my yahoo messenger please re add me ok because i have lost all my friends on there ok so if you was on there add me back in my yahoo screen name is ciancinc3520005 so please add me thank you, if you was on my list be4.
Hello to everyone out there, ok for some reason my bar tab is not working right, why is that, and how do i fix that? please if anyone knows please get back to me on this,thank you
Well ok i just thought that i hope that people out there please don't take me the wrong way of things its just that some times i like to talk to others about things,That i don't understand some times that's all so that's why i like to get more information and get second thoughts on here that's all, for some of you out there, i do like, but heck there has been times though that im trying my darnest to get people going in my lounge, Girls and guys night out but yes i know its is hard but i have music in there, please pass the word around so that others can come in my lounge too,
Ok please tell me if i am wrong or not, today is not being so good, because now that i had talked to my son about things that ha been missing and now that my husband said that i am stupid and that because i told my son what was going on, he did tell me that he went in this room to get a game system, Well now that i was told that my son was a lier and now it just seems that i was not surpose to tell my son this hell if you heard something from some one wouldn't you wanted to talk to your son about it just as well?:(
all i have to say is this, i will tell you all this much that once you tell a m,an something to keep a secert and they don't all they do is lie right in your face. and you know what i don't care no more what men
please i am really trying my best to get everyone back in my lounge,I would like to have a much people in there as much as possible so please pass the word around so that more people would come on in my lounge, there is lots of music in there too, so lets please give this a try,please don't delete your self from there ok we need as much people in there as much as possible. :)
you know i really hate men who like to me when at first they say they are going to a friends house then they end up at there sister's house,that's what i got today i found out when my niece called me and told me where my husband was, See and men think that we lie that's BS because we know that we are telling the truth, why should we lie,I hate men that say that they will help you do stuff on the internet too, its either they will help you or don't so see men lie more then women do so that is a fact there too.
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