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16218's blog: "to all my friends"

created on 11/17/2006  |  http://fubar.com/to-all-my-friends/b25719


you know who you real friend are I will have a post of ppl that blockme cuz the be telling lies
come rate me I will give you 5 k for just rating my pics and to help you out I will return the love and give you 200 rates
pleaeou rate my pic before I take my pics out if you want any of the car or tna pics take them today cuz I am deleating them and putting up a new batch tomarrow
if you my pics or stash I will rate yours if your looking to move up I think the is a good deal
I will make a deall with all my friends if you rate me I will rate you pics a stash


I would like some contest Ideas cuz I would love to and throw a contest again you know it is spring time and I would like to throw a bakini contest again in your will to tell me what kinda contest and you will have to be willing to participate in it and I am willing to give prizes and fubucks but you and your friends will have to give me or willing to give you high commenting all cash and prizes will be suported by me and there is only one stipulation oyou have to rate and comment during happy hour tell your friends about it if you find a con test I like you will be awaered 20k fubucks and you have to par-take in the contest you named so please think about one
will poeples coment bomb me I have 5 hours


help comment bomb me please
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