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16218's blog: "to all my friends"

created on 11/17/2006  |  http://fubar.com/to-all-my-friends/b25719



I would not do anything for her you never get it back or never get the respect of her so I would never send her gifts she is just a big point whore and a user

thank you and please bomb me I will be gone for a little while I will be back to return all your favors and I would like more family



 both girls only know how to use you anbd cheat you out of points I have not see anything where I prospered from there two if you reeally want to see what I got frome these to I will show you it is noothing that really impressed me



this on a guy that runs contest and does not make people fallow thre with the contest and then reducleas people for what they do




thiis girl takes you bling and never fallow thres with any promisee she promises in a contest so if you really want to be shafted go two these 2 people but I have found oout that fubar will not bann them so I am taking matters into my own hands


please don't answer here you can e-mail and tell me if you come see this I am wondering if I gave a girl a chance to get a happy hour from me what would you do for me for it. ( not saying your getting it but I may suprise you so give this a try wink wink)


I ran out of rate and I need tre do my pics my vip ran out and I have a opening an need new levling crew open it is like no other if you intersted ask about it
cheesy ppl need not apply looking for ppl to level and bomb contest no matter what contest you in if you give it to me or my co-owners I will help you win my goal is to see everyone reach godfather status but if your not motivated enought to help the crew you will be kicked out and looking for every on e to partiapate I will tell you i know it is hard to level that is why I want to make a lounge and pimpout nights if intrested in being a godmother or godfather then drop me an e-mail I will be making the folder soon it will be leo's gods and godesses looking for hard workers


looking for a fu- wife shut me for details if intersted in helping I will pay you in fu bucks i
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