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Crystal Ice's blog: "Dad]"

created on 09/22/2007  |  http://fubar.com/dad/b132594
Hi, I know alot of you do not really know me but some of you know me well. I really need my fubar family's support as my family is going thru a really tough time...My Dad had a hip replacement on april 24th he was doing well and in re-hab...7 days after surgery a nurse left him unattended in the shower...he fell..they picked him up and put him to bed...a couple of hours later they called to tell us thye were taking him to the hospital...he had displaced the new hip..fractured his pelvic and shatterred his hip socket...the tried to operate the next day and his heart stopped on the table they got him back but had to stop the operation....5 days later after a few transfusions they were able to do all that was needed...Dad is also a diabetic...while in the 2nd re-hab Mom noticed a blister forming on the bottom of his right footfrom him rubbing against the sheets..she told the nurse..a few days later it became merca and he got c-diff(reaction to too much antibiotic)once again he was in the hospital for almost 2 weeks this time we briught him home Mom was scared of all re-habs and since I am a nurse I was able to take care of him...his foot continued to get worse the amputated a part of his heel...we had a nurse coming out to check the wound every other day..well a week ago monday I noticed it smelled very foul...I called the Dr told her it was foul and that it was bleeding again...since the nurse was coming that day she said wait till she see's it and if necessary she would see him...I proceeded to clean the wound and got it to stop bleeding by the time the nurse got here it looked good...she called the Dr and said it looked good...we were not satisfied since I am a nurse and I knew how it looked when I took the bandages off..we called his primary and she came t othe house the next morning...the house reeked from the wound she called 911 and put him back in the hospital...the wound is now 5 by 6 and has infected the bone..they are amputating on monday to below the knee...we are all upset as is normal but we are also scared becuz of what happened last time...I do believe in a higher being and I am asking all my friends to please prayer and send good thoughts to my Dad at this time...ty for reading my blog and all the thoughts and prayers coming our way, smoochesss, Crysatal Ice aka Jean
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