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created on 04/20/2009  |  http://fubar.com/this-site/b291758

Read it or don't.

It has been awhile since I bothered to even think about a bulletin here. After this, I don't know if I ever want to write another. The end is nigh.

Fake profiles, fake pics, fake this, fake that. At the end of the day, who are WE to judge another? People creating their own deaths or illnesses online in order to get sympathy? It's real, that's very damn real!

Where does it end, when do people collectively say enough is enough?? I understand that people are entitled to be informed when someone misrepresents who they are in order to gain real cash items online. Fraud is fraud, we all suffer in the end from it.

But where do we draw the line in the sand, as people we are drawn to those that we can either relate to as person, or to what we are attracted to looks wise. At least I admit to that, I like a beautiful woman same as every other NORMAL male online. But looks are just that, photos are just that. It is what it is, if the person has no substance, are you going to continue to interact with them? I won't.

Nobody on fubar or any other social networking site is GOD or perfect. Before you dismiss or judge someone for using a googled image as a primary photo, or a super hot celeb (man or woman) try first to get to know the person behind the pic. Too often we get one side of the story and everyone (myself included) jumps on the bandwagon and harbors ill will towards someone that just doesn't deserve it. The pics may be fake, who friggin cares, the person that you just tore apart and bashed in a blog all too often isn't. You'll encounter more fakes in your lifetime offline than you will online.

Think about that.

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I know this blog is really pointless, since none of u read anything on here unless it benefits u in one way or another. I'm so sick and tired of seeing this bullshit all the fucken time on here. PLEASE RATE MY PAGE AND I'LL RATE U BACK or LEAVE ME A COMMENT AND I'LL RATE U BACK! Most of the fucken time it never happens on here. B/c of the fucked up ppl on here r so full of shit and they're complete fucken liars. This one also gets me laughing all the fucken time on here, especially if i see it in a blast. PLEASE F/A/R and i'll do it right back to u! Ok i understand the fan and rate, but not the stupid ass add part. How the fuck r u going to add me unless u fucken remove me as a friend and add me back? Like DUH! Shake ur stupid ass head and use some common since if u have any. Also for those stupid ass morons on here that beg for stuff such as blings, HH's, blast. Get a fucken life and go out and buy ur own. Unless ur that fucken cheap and u can't do it. For me if i can't buy it for my self, then i can do without it and will never stub to the level of begging for it. But i guess that what's makes me different from most of the idiots/morons on this site. I have spent 15 K on this site and pretty much maybe 2 K was spent on me. I bought HH's, blast, bling packs for the ppl that never had them on here. How many of u fuckers would do that for someone on here? I can say really none of u stupid fucks would do that for anyone on here. Unless u were going to get something like a NSFW pic. Which u could masterbate too! LMFAO! The only time really someone bothers talking to me on here is when they want something from me or they have a problem for me to solve. Other then that my SB is always empty. So i can say i have such amazing friends on here. NOT!!!
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