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Devilwolf84's blog: "Army Blog"

created on 09/14/2006  |  http://fubar.com/army-blog/b458
He walked inside and straight into the kitchen and as he went to reach up for the bottle he heard another voice... Now didn't you promise to lay off that stuff or do you not remember the last time that you got yourself hammered. In shock he looked up from where the voice came from..*Sarah what are you doing here?* Well i saw your truck and i couldn't help but let myself in and wait for my favourate big brother to come in and see his favorate little sister *Favorate little sister ? you mean only little sister how can i have a favourate when i only have one* .. Ouch Sarah said theres that sharp Petie humour that we all know and love now get over here and give me a hug. Walking over to her and giving her a hug Doug walks in and says , Oh hey sarah long time no see.. Shreeking she then lets go and hugs Doug as well.. Wow my two favourate family members and the house to ourselves whats the chances of that. *Riiiiight what are the chances huh Dougy* Petie said with a smug grin on his face as he moved over to the couch to sit down doug says... So i'm going to grab a shower you two can catch up oh and Petie don't start drinking without me. He's not drinking at all Sarah said, Petie drunk makes him a sad depressed boozer. *Yea too bad it i dont need to be drunk in order to be either of those* Sighing heavly and placing his face in his hands Sarah placed a hand on his back rubbing it gently... Its her again huh still day dreaming about being the only man in her life? you've been trying that since you were 13 years old nothing is going to change. *Looking at his younger sister he said.. No you are probably right but what else am i suppost to do i've loved her that long how do i walk away from that?* Looks at her brother and wrapps her arms around him....Oh Pete i know you love her but to see you so hurt like this it's not good for you its not going to bring you anything good. I saw you and her outside too and it took me all my strength to not pumble her into the ground. *Hey Now that wont solve a thing* Petie said...*You know mom and dad didn't raise you to act like that how do they think they'd act if they found out you were talking like that huh?* They'd have a cow ..Sarah said.. *Exactly so don't be like that okay?* He hugged his sister back. It'll be okay Pete i promise but if you are going to still chase her then at least tell her that you love her and want to be with her. You owe that much to all this or else everything thats happened over these years wont amount to a hill of beans. *I know i'm going to but for now i am going to go to bed and hopefully my mind might be alittle more clear come morning...Goodnight Sarah i'll see you in the morning* Goodnight Petie i'll be here when you get up
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