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ShuggA's blog: "THE SUGAR IN ME"

created on 10/04/2008  |  http://fubar.com/the-sugar-in-me/b250049
THE SUGAR IN ME Sugar is sweet but so is thee the one and only me. I bring happiness every where I go, I try to go out my way for people no matter what, I put others before me even though I’m in need first. One thing is for certain I’m defiantly not the granulated sugar you all know so well but I touch peoples hearts and souls every where I go this is truly me and that’s the way its going to be I’ll never change this about me If I have a problem with someone I’ll just walk away never to be seen again and one would think I disappeared off the face of the earth when that happens you can bet no more shugga for you and you better hope you find someone just as sweet as me cause there really is none other than me. CREATED BY THE ONE AND ONLY SHUGGA
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12 years ago
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