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I was on this kick for a while.

On the first day of any class I taought (except for SCUBA classes), I would offer an "A" to any Student who could answer the following questions:


The following two statements are the most profound ever uttered in the history of telecommunications. Why?

Be specific, and give some circumstances including the occasion, and general period in history:


  • What hath God wrought?
  • LO


The students were required to come up with the answer w/o checking any reference material - they could choose one of the statements or the other, and only one student could be excused from all exams for the rest of the course for each question - i.e., There was a potential for two students to get a free pass.

Now that I think about it, I'm going to simply pose that question here right now for you all. It's something I believe will provide you with a little perspective on the current state of technology as well as personally enrich your understanding of where we came from following the dawn of the industrial revolution.

Well, if it didn't occur to you, I just gave you two big hints ;)

Now, find the answers anyway you want, but this time, since you're prolly just going to ixquick, bing, or duckduckgo it anyway, I'm going to require the names of the people (There are three people, BTW), the exact date and time, and the places (There are four places) those statements were uttered, and of course, what the occasion or circumstances were when those statements were uttered.

Here's one more hint, bringing the number of total hints to that of five: Although both statements may sound a little religous in nature, they are in fact, NOT based on any biblical scripture.

Well buoys and gulls.... Enjoy :)

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