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legalboxers's blog: "Life"

created on 03/03/2013  |  http://fubar.com/life/b353089  |  2 followers
So here is the last update on my saga with this. I may try and hang out here to read posts but as for this. As far as I can see. Its over..

So yesterday was her 47th birthday. She said she has plans with "someone else" but also said she did not want to be alone. As part of her mania she wanted me on the phone with her. So I wished her (or shall I say "sang" off key in my dead of sleep) a "happy birthday. I got out of my house and went to party city, got her a # 4 and 7 Birthday balloon. I proceeded to go to the dollar store and bought 9 balloons which said "Happy Birthday".. with a card, some flowers etc. and a box of chocolate since I bought her a ton of stuff the week prior..

So she has her door open, does not see what Im doing, I put up happy birthday balloons on her railings and she finally notices seeing what I was doing "A befuddled look as she always has". So I brought in the "4" and "7" plus the other balloons and her gift to her room, since she literally lives out her room.

As usual the furbabies were happy to see me "meowing" hey to me. So Im in her room and she reads the birthday card and sees the bag of gifts.. Again, befuddled. I told her I bought the balloons for outside and everything since when her mother and grandmother was alive they would make a big deal out of it.

Shes like "oh ok." Not a "Thank You".. but an "oh ok".. She then proceeded to yell at me for my gesture saying "Why cant you people act right" She then proceeded telling me about her ex who came to "get his fuzzy slippers, pajamas and bathrobe" and accused me of "Speaking or talking to him". Mind you I dont know who this person is or who he is. How I went on her Facebook to seek him out since I wanted to be with her on her birthday". Mind you within the whole 2 week span she talks to this person I am dealing with fixing my car (which I got done this morning).

As she is yelling at me she throws her soda and small wooden table. And proceeded to shove me and hit me with the balloons and stuffed animal I got. Mind you shes aware of my right leg issues. So as she swings at me I have my hands up to block any more strikes she looses her balance but still stands on her bed and gives me the "deer in headlights look" like "oh wow he is still standing after I struck him and attempted to defend himself".

At that stage I left and walked out. I dont know if she blocked me or whatever else. When she 1st choked me and assaulted me with the charger cable, I told my police dept since Im still with them but a different dept. to cover my bases. This I just walked away from.

So I hopefully wont hear from them again (Im out $1700 which I loaned to her, in addition to $300 for the remainder of the cremation expenses for her mom).

Saga is over. One year to the day that this relationship began..... it ended...

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